Top Ten Tips For Hair Care

Tips For Hair Care

 Tips For Hair Care Since hair reflects not only your personality but your health, it should be taken care of. If you neglect it, you can see hair falling, dandruff, or split ends in the hair which will be dry. Here are a few tips for you to give your hair sheen. 

A right diet, with lots of Calcium, Iron and Silica will help prevent hair loss. Minerals can be had from green and sea vegetables. Silica is supplied by Oats, outer layers of Potato, Red Pepper, Cucumbers and Bean Sprouts; while Iron comes from red meat, cereals of whole grain, eggs, Raisins, Vitamin C, Dates and leafy vegetables. Rich Protein is a must for hair growth, which comes from brewer’s yeast, and granulated Lecithin. Include Avocados, seeds, nuts, and Olive Oil in your diet.

Cleaning your hair is important, while some people require shampooing every day, for some others only weekly. Don’t use either too hot or cold water. Scrub your scalp with fingertips and not nails. Rinse off hair to make sure entire soap is washed off. Cleanliness is the key to keeping your hair in good condition and to reflect a more youthful you. It is a basic and significant hair care routine. Choose the right shampoo for your hair that do not contain chemicals; natural ingredients will be more advantageous to your hair. You can also do a home remedy shampoo with Ayurvedic herbs that will not damage your hair.

Combing is also important, especially the way you comb. Use a wide tooth tomb and towards downward direction always. Don’t use rubber combs. Quality brushes will give your quality hair; your hair will be clean and silky when brushed correctly. Always wash your combs or brushes after use; keep them properly so that they will be clean for use instead of picking up dust and dirt, if laid exposed.

It is so simple to keep your combs and brushes clean; use only lukewarm water to wash your combs and brushes.

Brush your hair only when it is dry. Since brushing when wet can damage, brushing should be done carefully.

Don’t use blow dryers with strong heat, which will damage hair.

Use a hairstyle which allows your hair to fall and slide naturally.

When you go out to beach, use a conditioner to protect your hair from salt water, chlorine and sun. A scarf or cap will avoid over exposure to the sun.

Trimming your hair in regular intervals will reshape and also to grow layers.

Shampooing is merely to clean hair of dirt and oil. Expensive products will never do any good. In fact, conditioners is only a marketing gimmick invented by the cosmetic industry. Recent products for women can help hair look thicker by coating hair strands with proteins every time you shampoo.

Look at the labels and keep off those products with Lactic Acid or Urea content. Harmful chemicals and alcohol based supplements should be avoided at any cost.