Top Eight Skin Care Products

For the beauty-product addict there are loads of items that are a must. But in reality there are eight top products that you need to have if you want to have silky skin.

On the market there are a number of possibilities to take care of your skin. One of the most important products you need to have is a facial wash. They come in different forms but the most common type is soap. Basically what they do is remove the dirt, grease and makeup from your skin. They also give your skin a fresh feeling. Use them daily.

If you believe that soaps are not the right product for you because they are too astringent for your skin, cleansing gels are another good alternative. They not only clean away the grime but also leave the moisture in your skin. They are also good for preventing pimples and spots.

Then there are the cream cleansers which are ideal for dry skins. Since their texture is really soft, they help to remove makeup easily.

After cleaning you skin, you should use a toner. Toners provide the much-desired refreshing effect on your skin. They are a good option for people with oily skin because they are based on alcohol. If you have a more sensitive skin, try not to use toners with an alcohol base. Instead you should go for another kind such as the demineralized Dead Sea toner.

The next step in taking care of your skin is to apply a moisturizer. They enhance the natural moisture of your skin and make it look softer. Before buying one, take into account your skin type and try to get a moisturizer that also includes a UV filter.

Another product you should have is a face mask. They provide deep cleaning of your skin and have a tightening effect. To remove dead skin cells, use facial scrubs. They are really useful for removing the dead skin cells and letting the new skin cells show.

Let’s not forget about the eyes. The thinnest skin on our body is the skin under our eyes. That’s one of the reasons why we need to use eye creams and gels. They help to get rid of dark circles and puffiness.Night creams should also be on the list. They work while you sleep and provide great results.