Top Beauty Myths

Of all the tens and thousands of advices about beauty from almost everyone ranging from friends and family to all the beauty experts around the world, a few false facts getting mixed up with the real ones is quite understandable.

There are some myths that don’t really make much sense and some that could be quite dangerous if followed. There are a few myths about skin care that needs to be cleared. One of the most common of them all is that too much soap is harmful to skin. That was true about a couple of decades ago when soaps were made of vegetable oil.

But the soaps available these days are a lot milder compared to the older ones. So, there’s absolutely no harm in using more of those, since they come with some amount of moisturizers too.

Another important myth that needs to be busted is that all chemicals are harmful to skin and all natural beauty products are safe. It’s important to know that neither all chemicals are are harmful nor all natural products are safe to use. Unless you make them yourself, the so-called natural products are always added with chemical ingredients that helps to preserve the product etc.

If you think eating excess chocolates can open the doors for those annoying pimples again, this is not true again. Same goes for oily food. Pimples are caused due to hormonal changes and stress and has nothing to do with food.

Talking about pimples, pores on your skin can’t open and close. Pores do get clogged by dust and dead cells, but they never disappear or close on their own.

There are many women out there who think applying moisturizer reduces aging. Well, sorry to break your bubble, but they, in fact, don’t! The sole purpose of using a moisturizer is that they prevent your skin from drying and keep the moisture intact. So this, obviously, does not have anything to do with aging!

Also, you girls out there might want to know that using more than one brand of cosmetic or a mix of more than one company is not going to harm your skin. As long as you make sure the product is trustworthy, no matter what the company is, you can go ahead and use them!

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