Top 8 Symptoms Of Ovarian & Uterine Cancer

Top 8 Symptoms For Ovarian & Uterine Cancer Time is your biggest friend in the fight against cancer, so you cannot afford to lose it. And when the case is of ovarian and uterine cancer, early detection can be the difference between life and death

However, it is not easy to diagnose ovarian cancer at early stages whereas uterine cancer is usually detected earlier.

Notably, the symptoms of ovarian and uterine cancer are somewhat similar and by paying a little attention these can be diagnosed earlier and the time saved due to early detection could be used for better treatment.

Symptoms Of Ovarian & Uterine Cancer


Ovarian cancer causes abnormal changes in the appearance of a woman. You may suddenly start feeling that your waist size has increased significantly without any correspondent increase in weight. Look for these kinds of signs and see if there are any other changes in the appearance.

Abdominal Heaviness

In case of both ovarian and uterine cancer, you would feel that the abdomen if full or heavy all the time. This feeling would be largely in the lower abdomen. However, it may seem fuller after heavy meals but constant heaviness that persists over a few days should be taken seriously.


Any type of unusual discharge from vagina is also alarming. This unusual discharge would not be blood or typical cervical mucus and is a sign of uterine cancer, so if you experience any such thing then see your physician as early as possible.

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Excessive bloating is also a sign of ovarian cancer and this bloating may not subside over time so you should surely get it checked by a professional


Bleeding is another sign for ovarian and uterine cancer. If you experience unexplainable heavy vaginal bleeding outside the menstrual cycle then it should be taken very seriously. Moreover, delayed, irregular and prolonged periods can also be due to ovarian or uterine cancer. Women over menopause stage will also bleed, if affected by cancer.


Cancer wouldn’t cause severe pain in the early stages but if you experience constant pain in your lower back and lower pelvic with other signs then visit a doctor immediately. Moreover, sexual intercourse would also cause some unusual pain and it is a sign of ovarian and uterine cancer.

Weight Gain or Loss

Serious weight fluctuations are caused by uterine cancer over a shorter period of time. However, everyone loses or gains weight but if you see drastic weight gain or weight loss (more than 10 pounds) then it can serve as an additional sign for uterine cancer and shouldn’t be ignored.

Digestive Problems

Ovarian and Uterine cancers may cause petty digestive problems in the body during the initial stages. Constant constipation, loss of appetite, indigestion, nausea etc may be experienced with the heaviness. If you experience a couple or more signs from the above list then it is highly advisable to pay a visit to the physician. Mention it to him what are your concerns and do not overlook any of the signs that you may experience as early diagnosis would help you only.

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