Top 5 Must-Visits In India

india Ever felt the maddening crowd and the hustle bustle of everyday life snatching yourself from you? Ever wondered in the chores of everyday life how long have you spend with yourself? Have you ever felt the sea calling and the sky whistling amidst the monotony of the office tables?

Then perhaps it is time for you to take a break and loose yourself in a nowhere neverland. You won’t believe it ut some of the most serene and tranquil places are a few hours away from your home. Do not believe us? Just take a look.


Only 3 hours drive from the city of Mumbai Lonavala is the place to be in during a weekend or even a day’s holiday. Lush green mountains, lakes and streams are something which makes Lonavala simply irresistible particularly in the months on Monsoon. It is also famous for a sweet hard candy called Chikki. Valvan dam, Tungari lake, Raywood park, Raemachi Point are also some of the great attractions.


Merely 160 kms away from Chennai or just over 3 hours drive. The road to the place is beautiful and scenic to say the least. One cannot simply stop admiring the highway that often touches the sea on the way. Botanical garden, Aurobindo Ashram, Boat House, Barathi park are simply spots never to be missed.


A very calm and quiet place at the lap of nature, Connor is located 90 kms from the Coimbatore airport. This place has some very interesting things to offer apart from Dolphin’s Nose, Wellington Fort, Droog Fort, Catherine Falls , it is also very famous for it’s honey, thick jams and sleek furniture if shopping is in your mind.


UNESCO World Heritage sight , Hampi is full of the ruins of the Vijaynagar empire and here one can see the beautiful and exquisite rock architecture that marked one of the great phases of Indian history. It is 350 odd kilometers from Bangalore and provides accommodation of all sorts and budgets.

Henry’s Island:

One of the least explored spots in West Bengal. It is located in Bakhali and is a private public collaborative project. Situated amidst the serene Bay of Bengal and the Wildness of the Sundervans it is a perfect spot to get away this weekend. The view from the watch tower is simply mesmerizing.