Top 5 Curly Hair Tips

Top 5 Curly Hair Tips

Top 5 Curly Hair Tips Managing naturally curly hair requires lot of energy and time, when compared to managing straight smooth hair. Taming waves and ringlets can be less tiring if you know some tricks and tips to manage curly hair.

As a first step, embrace and love your curls and do not consider it as a nuisance. Your hair may turn uncontrollable and frizzy, but following the right hairstyle and hair care regime you can flaunt a head full of curls in an excellent way. Let us look at some of the very useful tips for managing curly hair.

Top 5 Curly Hair Tips

Do Not Fight the Curl

It is natural that curly hair tends to be more frizzy and brittle. You need to be patient to detangle and should indulge in more careful hair care treatment. Do not exert undue pressure on your tangles to get knots out of your hair.

Always detangle hair when it is wet and conditioned in order to prevent splintering. While in shower, untangle hair with your fingers first and then use a wide-toothed comb. Be careful in selecting combs for curly hair. Prefer wide toothed comb containing boar’s hair bristles. You may use silicone drops or spray to tame and prevent frizz, but do not overuse it.

Get the Right Haircut

Though it is a fact that you cannot copy all the haircuts and styles that sticky-haired people flaunt around, there are some fantastic haircuts that will suit curly haired head. There is a misconception that curly-haired people will look good only when they keep their hair long. But there is no truth in it.

You can keep your hair long or short if it suits your face and if you know how to carry it around. Layering is a great option, but should stay away from too short layers. Strategically positioned layers can give shape to the curly hair. You can frame your face in a nice manner with layers.

How To Manage Curly Hair

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Over layering should be avoided. You need to keep two things in mind while opting for a style change or new haircut: whether you will be able keep hair under control and whether it satisfies your style preference. Stay away from razor cuts, and opt for nearly blunt cuts to reduce frizz.

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Never Use Blow Dryers

Always opt for natural drying if you are blessed with curly hair. Blow dryers should be avoided to prevent your hair from becoming frizzier. If you run out of time and need to dry your hair urgently, use a diffuser to blow dry.

Blow drying will enhance dehydration of hair and will make it more unhealthy-looking and messy. Air drying is the best option for curly hair. After shower, squeeze out water with your hand and splotch your hair with a towel. Do not rub your hair with towel as it will lead to more breakage.

Nourish Curly Hair With Ample Moisturizer

There is nothing called excessive moisture for curly hair. Since it is very difficult to keep thick curly hair well-hydrated and moisturized, stay away from shampooing it every other day. A few times each week will be more than enough. After shower, condition curly hair twice to retain moisture. Applying leave-in conditioner will help in fastening moisture and in avoiding frizz.

Oil treatment is really great for thick curly hair. Apply olive, jojoba, or coconut on your scalp and hair at least twice a week. You can even leave oil on your head overnight to allow for maximum nourishment.

Stick to Curly-Hair-Specific Products

You just cannot pick any hair care products if you have curly hair. You need to be extra cautious regarding the selection of products. Look for those products that are exclusively designed for curly hair.

This will help in protecting your hair from breakage and will keep your hair well-nourished. Select those products that have built in anti-frizz agents and are capable of attaching body and shape to a head full of curls. You should stay away from sulfate-free shampoo to prevent your hair from becoming frizzier.

You will be amazed at the beauty of your curly hair by working with it and not against it. Follow a strict hair care regime if you have curly hair and be on your way to loving your curls and locks.

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