Top 3 Natural Alternatives To Sunscreen

Natural Alternatives to Sunscreen

Natural Alternatives to Sunscreen Be it summers or winters, if you plan to venture out in the sun then using a sunscreen becomes an absolute necessity. Sunscreens contain ingredients which will protect you from the harmful cancer causing UV rays of the sun.

But these sun protective agents which are commercially available usually contain a hoard of chemicals which might not be suitable for all, especially for people with sensitive skin. Sunscreens usually contain the derivatives of a chemical termed as benzophenone, which is responsible for the shielding action against the UV rays.

But it is seen that prolonged use of sunscreens which contain this ingredient will tend to make the skin, dry and wrinkled.  Some people also experience unexpected side reactions like itching and burning sensation of the skin.  Apart from these, the chemicals which are added to increase the shelf life of sunscreen may cause undesirable reactions in some users.

Owing to these disadvantages, commercially available sunscreens can’t be regarded as a hundred percent safe product to use. But this problem can be very well solved if one starts using natural sunscreens instead of the popular ones which are marketed. Unaware to many people, there are many natural ingredients whose properties make them suitable to be used as effective sun blocking agents.

Read on to discover some interesting facts about the 3 top natural alternatives to sunscreens and their mode of usage.

Aloe vera Sunscreen Effects

Aloe vera can be considered to be a wonder herb with many medicinal properties, and one of them being its ability to act as a natural sunscreen. Aloe vera gel which can be obtained easily from the plant, has the ability to absorb the UV rays of the sun. You can rub the gel directly on your skin or else make a juice out of the gel and slather it on your face and other areas which are exposed to sunlight.

The only disadvantage of this natural sunscreen is that its action is short lived and hence reapplication of the gel will be necessary once in every 3 hours.

Sun Shielding Effects of Coconut Oil

Sun Shielding Effects of Coconut Oil

An easily available ingredient, coconut oil is found to be a great natural alternative to sunscreens which are commercially available. This oil is found to have a natural SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of around 6, which is responsible for its sun blocking properties. You can either use coconut oil alone or mix it with Aloe vera gel in order to make a natural sunscreen.

Another method for using coconut oil as a sunscreen is to blend it Vitamin E oil and a melted mixture of cocoa butter and grated bees wax so as to produce a smooth and creamy sunscreen. Addition of beeswax gives the sunscreen natural water proof properties.

Explore the Sun Blocking Effects of Green Tea

Green tea is a drink which is widely popular worldwide owing to its slimming effects. But apart from making you slim, green tea can also provide you with adequate protection from the sun’s rays, thanks to its free radical combating properties. The advantage of this natural product is that it acts as a very effective sun block even when used in very little quantities.

You can either use pure green tea infusion or else you can easily make a natural and long lasting sunscreen by combining green tea with a few other natural ingredients. To make a green tea sunscreen, you should first make a green tea infusion by brewing green tea leaves or by dipping green tea bags in hot water. Set this infusion aside and mix together half a cup of sesame oil and half a cup of grated beeswax in another vessel. Heat the last two ingredients until the beeswax had melted completely.

To the heated mixture, add half a cup of the prepared green tea infusion and half a cup of aloe vera gel. Using an electric mixer, blend this mixture well until it has attained a uniform composition. The mixture obtained after blending should have a creamy composition. The natural sunscreen thus prepared can be stored in air tight containers and can be used as and when required.