Tongue Piercing; How to Prevent Infection?

Body piercing is certainly in vogue. The way we want to look is evolving and what we have in our platter is the urge to be really experimental. Hence, body piercings have not been restricted to nose or earlobes like old times anymore.

Almost every part of the body now, previously unimagined, is being considered for piercing with dramatic results. One such is the tongue piercing. Now this one may look funky after completion, but is obviously not the easiest one to be done in the clan. It has cons which if not taken care of suitably, may result in complexities you do not want to face.

The first of them all is the possibility of a tongue infection. Right after you get your tongue pierced, you need to be super careful for a while to help it heal fast without any glitch. You are absolutely not to fiddle with the piercing at any cost or have food that needs a lot of chewing, which includes chewing gum or sucking on toffees.

Keep your diet simple and soft, so that it does not require much mouth or tongue involvement. A liquid diet for a few days is a great way to avoid food eating complications. And mouth rinsing must be done intermittently but mostly with water, to keep the area clean.

Use mouthwashes only when you think you require, may be twice a day; overuse is not recommended. Without a question, eating and talking will be rendered difficult, but patience is the key. You will need to be patient with the healing process, give it necessary time and wait for the swelling to go down.

One way of tackling the swelling can be consumption of cold water that will leave your mouth with a soothing feeling. And the most important is how you treat the barbell. Do not, under any circumstances tug at it, or try feeling it unnecessarily against the roof of the mouth.

The lesser it is meddled with, the better it is. You will need to give it a fortnight for complete healing. Follow the rules and have your tongue pierced without a kink.