Tips to Walk Comfortably in High Heel Shoes

Every woman has a pair or a collection of high heel shoes in her closet. These shoes make you look taller and elongate your torso dramatically. Heeled shoes also make you look slimmer.

If you are experimenting with high heel shoes for the first time then you need to take precautions to prevent hurting your legs and back.

When you are buying your first pair or your 50th pair of high heel shoes check the size of the shoes before you walk out of the store. Shoes also come in half sizes so make sure that you get a perfect fit before you make a purchase. If you are not sure about your size then ask the person at the store for some help. Wearing the right size will help you to avoid leg cramps and back pain.

Wear smaller heels to begin with. As you get more comfortable in these shoes you can opt for higher heels. Thicker heels offer your body more support. Opt for heels that are thick near the sole and fine near the base.

Before you walk out of the house in a pair of shoes wear them in your house to break into the pair. Wear them for a few hours before you wear them on the streets. This is a perfect way to prevent blisters and skin rashes.

When you are wearing high heel shoes you must ensure that your weight is evenly distributed on the entire foot. If you are putting pressure on your toes or your heels then this could turn out to be an issue.

Avoid wearing high heels every day. Alternate your footwear between high heels, medium heels and flats. This will reduce the stress on your feet.

When you are walking in a pair of high heels you need to walk in smaller strides. This will reduce pressure on your feet. Walking in this manner also reduces your risk of falling. Walking in smaller strides with your feet close to each other increases your sex appeal and you will come across as doing the catwalk.

A good pedicure 2 to 3 times a month will help to reduce the strain on your feet. Ensure that your toe nails are trimmed short as it will prevent accidents. Soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes daily in order to reduce the stress in your feet.