Tips To Use Foundation On Filipino Women

Use Foundation On Filipino Women

Use Foundation On Filipino Women Philippines is a country that has been conquered by many foreigners. These foreigners have impacted culture of this country in a huge manner. Women have been subjected to different types of laws, which have also affected their makeup styles.

It is generally noted that Filipino women use light colored base for getting fair complexion. If these women replace light colored base with a foundation, it would definitely provide more natural and flattering looks.

How To Use Foundation On Filipino Women

There are some steps that have to be followed for using foundation on Filipino women and these must be known to beauty experts. Apart from foundation, a person may also need moisturizer, translucent powder, makeup primer, foundation brush and large fluffy blush for providing perfect looks to Filipino woman.

One aspect that should be understood is that before applying foundation on Filipino woman, skin must be cleansed first. After cleaning, moisturizer should be applied on face. Foundation or any other makeup product should be applied only when moisturizer has been absorbed properly. Makeup primer is also used for enhancing beauty of Filipino woman. However, it must be blended well into the skin.
Before applying foundation, a person must determine the undertone of the skin of a Filipino woman. Complexions normally found in these women are olive and golden. Thus, foundation having golden or olive hue should be applied so that skin appears quite natural. Pink foundation, which is often used by Filipino women, should be given a break as it does not match well with skin tone.

Similarly, while applying foundation, a person must consider the intensity of the skin tone of a Filipino woman. In Philippines, it is generally believed that whiter skin looks more attractive than darker skin. However, if natural skin tone of a woman is dark, light colored foundation must not be used. This is because it provides awkward looks and it appears as if a woman is wearing a mask.

Use of light colored foundation on dark skinned women make demarcation lines more evident. Demarcation lines destroy beauty of a woman as they take away attention of people away from beautiful looks. Foundation applied should be smoothed by using a cosmetic sponge or a foundation brush.

Light strokes are made from center of face towards sides. Coverage level needed for flawless looks is determined after foundation has been blended perfectly with the base. Foundation applied on Filipino woman is set by using a translucent powder. It is usually applied with a large fluffy brush.

Normally, application of foundation and other makeup products is stopped at the jaw line. For ensuring that skin color of neck and face appears same, evident edges at the jaw line must be blended perfectly. This is done of by using a sponge.

There are some cosmetic supply stores that offer custom made foundation shades. Thus, it is impossible that a person cannot get the desired shade of foundation. Though it requires some legwork, it helps in providing perfectly natural and flawless looks. Pre-made foundation is generally offered in the form of liquid formulations.

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