Tips To Treat, Cure And Prevent Peeling Lips

Prevent Peeling Lips

Prevent Peeling Lips Peeling lips is a demon most women dread. Especially the ones who are cursed with dry lips. Dry lips do not depend on the facial skin type, but it has a mind of its own. Some women experience dry peeling lips all the year round.

When the lips chap and peel even during summer, it is a situation to be alarmed about. No amount of chap stick or no amount of lip balms can cure it. As soon as the lip balm is gone, the lips become dry again and starts too peel.  Despair not. There is of course a cure to this.

When lip balms cannot cure it, it is a sign your body need something extra from inside. So trying to help externally would not be sufficient. The first tip to this problem would be drinking plenty of water.  Water is really a magic potion. It holds the key to the solution of so many problems ranging from dermatological, renal or even digestive.

Flushing out the toxins is not the role the function of water is limited to. Make sure that you drink at least two liters of water per day which translates to around eight glasses. Keeping your body hydrated would keep the lips hydrated from inside. This would help you a lot to keep your lips soft preventing peeling.

Drinking water only might not be all. The modern beauty conscious woman looks for skin creams rich in vitamin E. do you know why? It is the vitamin that keeps your skin soft and glowing and in good health. The Vitamin E of skin creams is not sufficiently absorbed to cure a major issue. So, the best option would be to take it internally.

You can go for over the counter vitamin E pills. But the best way is nature’s way. You can just get a few Aloe Vera leaves from your garden. If you don’t have your garden, you could plant an Aloe Vera in a pot and keep it on your window sill. Within a month or two the plant would grow enough to give you a few leaves per week.

Getting back to the point, skin the leaves and take out the gel. You can make a juice out of it and have the juice. Aloe Vera is very rich in vitamin E. So, drinking Aloe Vera juice would provide the nutrients and also shoot up the vitamin E level that your body needs. The third tip is also essential not only to keep your dry peeling lips in good health, but also for your overall health as any dermatologist or any physician would suggest.

This would be including eating fresh fruits and greenies in your regular diet. Fresh fruits contain vitamins and the micro and macro elements essential for body.  The same holds good for the greenies. Last but not the least; you must take good care of your lips.

If you have too much of flakes, the balms may not be soaked up adequately. So, follow up a lip care regimen which would include scrubbing and then moisturizing. Homemade scrubs are always advisable than over- the- counter ones. Having scrubbed your lips, follow up with a good quality lip balms. Lips balms rich in Vitamin E or cocoa and shea butter are always preferable. So,  do not fear dry and peeling lips any more. Start working on them today



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