Tips To Talk To Her While Having Sex

How To Talk To Her While Having Sex You should talk with her while having sex. You should enjoy the process of communicating and this article focuses on some creative tips to improve communication with her while having sex.Talk with her breast

Take her breast in your hand and cuddle it using your tongue. You should kiss her breast nipple and talk to her breast nipple. You should ask her breast nipple questions like”Do you want to see my member” and press your member on her breast nipple. You should rotate your member on her breast and ask her breast “how did it feel”.

Enjoy Foreplay With Her Juices

Enjoy your foreplay with her, and you should insert your finger inside her pussy without hurting her. You should moist your finger with her vaginal juice and you should lick your finger and you should say “Tastes good”.

Say that you like bread and jam to her, and you should turn her around and bite her buttocks without causing pain. Then you should say that you got bread and you like to get jam. Spread her legs and expose her vagina and lick it. Then whisper to her that you got jam. Repeat the process.

Say “feel this “to her and move your member on her moist lips. Then kiss her on lips. Then you should move your member on her forehead and you should kiss her on her fore head. You should ask her “Do you want more” and then repeat the process if she is affirmative.

Say that some ants had gone to conquer a small castle and you would prove how you are going to destroy ants. You should start sucking her ear lobes and then move down towards her neck area. You should suck regions close to her navel and then should state that everything is fine.

You should ask her to say what number you are going to write on her thighs using your tongue. You should write numbers 8, 6, and 4 on her thighs and ask her what numbers you had written on her thighs. You can repeat this game by writing alphabets on her thighs.

Enjoy Talking While Having Sex

Enjoy doggie with her. While you are pumping furiously inside her, you should take her breast in your hands and stop pumping. You should lean forward and whisper to her breast “Enjoyed”. Then you should take your member outside and ask her vagina “you want more” and then insert your member back into her vaginal hole and enjoy sex.

You should spread her legs apart in missionary sex position. You should put your face between her legs and should lick her vaginal hole. Then you should move backward and then say “That tasted like ice cream. I want more. Here I come” and saying this you should restart the oral sex.

You should ask her to dominate you and you should make her sit on your lap and make her enter from top. You should guide her by asking her to vary pressure and point of entry so that both can enjoy sex.

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