Tips To Straighten Your Hair

Tips To Straighten Your Hair

Tips To Straighten Your Hair Every woman wants to look good, especially when it comes to their hair. And now, it seems that the trendy hair look is the straight hair, long and sleek with a smooth shine! No one wants anymore big hairdos and messiness that creates frustration and embarrassment.

It’s easy to have straight hair today, with the plentiful hair care products in the market today. There is plenty of straightening products for your hair and everyone can try it, whether he or she already has straight hair or not.

Why is the trend for straight hair growing in population? The simple reason is that, being straight hair makes one look neater and better with no disadvantages. But, the process of straightening itself may bring on some damages to your hair, as much chemical is used. However, there are some ways to overcome these, while still looking good with straight hair.

The most important ingredient in achieving straight hair that remains healthy is the use of a good conditioner. Some may think that conditioners are supplementary to shampoos. Although that is true, conditioners function to keep your hair to be free from brittleness and dryness.

Conditioners can counter the effects of the adverse chemicals, which affect your hair when you had your hair straightened. A good conditioner will protect your hair. The most obvious tool to straighten your hair is the flat irons. However, not all flat irons are of good quality, it may cause more damage to your hair than beautify it. Cheap flat irons, especially the metal plate type, do not allow heat to distribute evenly, thus damaging your hair.

Flat irons with ceramic plates, will assure an even heat distribution, which reduces the possibility of your hair breaking, due to the excessive friction or heat during the straightening process. You may want to consider some hair care products that protect your hair, while you style it with a flat iron. There are serum coats as well as hair sprays, which do the trick. Have a field day with straight hair by practicing the above tips; as you style your hair, protect it too, so that your hair stays healthy to continue giving you the sleek and shiny look.

Straightening Process

You can straighten your hair easily at home at your convenience. Clean and condition your hair with a good quality shampoo and conditioner first. A ‘leave-in’ conditioner can be put on after your hair wash. Or you can take a standard wash out. The bottom line is to have clean hair before you straighten it for shinier looking hair that is healthier as a final result.

Then make sure your hair is thoroughly dry to capitalize on the iron’s strength on straightening. You can dry your hair naturally but blow-drying is faster. Brush your hair thoroughly to be knot free. Smoother hair gives better results on straightening. You can opt for a de-tangling spray for knot free hair.

Apply some heat-protection products before you start straightening your hair as your hair strands may be brittle due to the intense exposure to heat. Damaged hair results in split ends and hair dehydration; this makes your hair look like it is rough and poor in texture.

Straighten Your Hair

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The right straightening hair equipment is a pair of safe and quality straightening irons. Clean with a damp cloth after use in every session when it is completely cool. Remove all residues on the iron plates to avoid function deterioration. Choosing the right temperature for straightening your hair is important as different hair requires different temperatures. Thin hair requires low temperatures to straighten the hair. Suitable temperatures for the different hair types are crucial to avoid hair damage while producing the desired results.

Section your hair to target all of it for a complete straightening process. Sections also allow you to manage your hair properly and to ensure all hair is worked on. And smaller sections allow better control and faster straightening.
Apply the straightening irons slowly, firmly and gently. This is to avoid the iron pulling the hair off the root; a slower motion allows more contact between the iron and the hair for a more efficient straightening to get a sleek straight look. Too much hard clamps can cause damage to your hair.

Other Methods

As straight hair is very much back in fashion today, more people prefer their hair to be straightened. A straight hairstyle gives a sober and tidier look. There are many unique hairstyles to try on with straight hair. Using ceramic straighteners is the best choice if you want to straighten your hair yourself at home. These are easy to apply on your hair to ensure that no section of your hair gets scorched with too much heat.

Types of Hair

Your hair type will determine the type of straightening iron you should use to straighten your hair. A good straightening iron should come with a few styling plates that allow you to style your hair in different styles. It should also have different temperature setting to blow your hair easily and correctly without damaging it.

Short hair can be straightened if you so desire it. Use a straightening iron that has thin plates for greater effectiveness. However, thick long hair needs the broad plated straightening irons which allow the heat to be spread evenly; you use less effort in styling your hair.

After Treatment

When you have completed your straightening process for your hair, remember to apply some serum to your hair. This simple but important last step in the straightening process is crucial in reducing any possible damage on your hair from your straightening iron process earlier. The serum will keep your hair more silky and smooth for a longer time.

Keep your hair as clean as possible and moisturized after each hair straightening session. Remember to take proper care of your hair after each straightening process; otherwise, you may encounter unpleasant hair problems such as split ends, fringes and dryness. Eat a healthy and balanced diet to nourish your body and hair to retain their good health. And finally, enjoy the compliments of your lustrous straight and smooth hair.