Tips To Stop Pulling Out Hair

Tips To Stop Pulling Out Hair

Tips To Stop Pulling Out Hair Habit of pulling out hairs from scalp is also called as Trichotillomania and has been categorized as a mental and impulse disorder. Sufferer of this disorder can pull hairs from other parts of body also. This habit is mostly observed during adolescence stage.

It has also been found that as compared to men, women suffer more from this disorder. It is really surprising to know that more than two million people are suffering from this disorder in United States. It is not that sufferer cannot be stopped from pulling out hair. There are certain steps that can be taken, though these require dedication.

How To Stop Pulling Out Hair

First of all, a sufferer must understand the disease properly. He must try to get as much information as he can about this disorder so that he is able to know about the triggers. This can be done by visiting library and by searching information online.

When triggers are known, it would be much easy to stop pulling out hairs. While searching information about this disorder, support group of this disorder should also be searched. There are many online support groups that provide services to people suffering from Trichotillomania. These support groups have proved very useful in battling the emotional distress.

Support groups can easily be located by visiting website of learning centers for this disorder. For the treatment, it is also necessary that sufferer maintains a journal. This journal should contain information about the number of times when hairs are pulled out in a day. In this journal, situations and emotional stressors that lead to pulling out hairs should also be noted.

A sufferer should try to understand these situations and should contemplate on the ways in which pulling out of hairs can be avoided. It is better if this journal also contains names of people that support sufferer. Advice given by these people may also be noted. Whenever a suffered confronts similar situations again, he should read these advices and should try to stop himself from pulling out hairs.

If a person finds that he has reduced habit of pulling hairs considerably, he must reward himself. This encourages him for reducing the habit further. For example, sufferer can go for an outing or can spend a day in one of best resorts in the city. One of best ways of stopping pulling out hairs is to disrupt the usual patterns followed by the sufferer.

For example, if it is known through journaling that hairs are pulled out whenever television is watched in evening, this practice should be discontinued. In evening, suffering can go for a walk and can meet other people so that he is not able to concentrate on pulling out hairs. It would also be a good practice if sufferer gets something to occupy his hands so that they are not turned towards hairs automatically.

For example, women can do knitting during the time period when they are more prone to pulling out hairs. Mental health service professionals should also be contacted so as to get professional help in stopping pulling out hairs. These professional tell about different ways in which illness can be managed and treated successfully. They also help in formulating personalized strategies that aim at treating habit of pulling out hairs.