Tips To Spice Up Your Sex LIfe

 Sex LIfe A good sex life is just as important as emotion rapport between two people to make a relationship work. Humans have this tendency to get bored of their day to day chores very easily. This is partly the reason why people look forward to weekends as weekdays involve nothing but working on a regular basis.

So it becomes a day to day chore. On the other hand, weekends are considered good times, as this is when you do something fun and different, like hanging out with friends, going to your favorite restaurant or for a movie etc. The same goes for sex life also. Sex is something that is fun in the first few years of a relationship. But over a period of time, it becomes more like a chore to the couple.

The only solution to prevent sex from becoming a chore is to spice things up a little. Variety is the spice of life and the same applies to your sex life also. It is very important to do something different and interesting to keep your sex life happy and lively. If you are among those couple who believe that sex is a chore, then you certainly need to mend your ways. Here are a few tips to spice up your sex life.


As time passes by couples totally forget to indulge in foreplay. Remember the initial days of your togetherness, all the teasing, tickling, and making out. You certainly will have an excuse that you have got busy and need to finish off things fast. But this is when sex loses its charm. Majority of the population is working and once they come back from work they hardly have to time to have sex. This is when couples starts trying to finish sex fast and over a period of time sex becomes a chore. So do not indulge in hurried sex often or else you will lose interest.

If you do not have the time on weekdays, then indulge in a detailed session of lovemaking on weekends. At least 20-30 minutes of foreplay is very essential for great sex. Take your time and kiss and cuddle each other. Touch each other and excite each other to the verge of having an orgasm. Sex after a good session of foreplay can work wonders for your sex life.

Free Your Bedroom

For most people bedroom is a multipurpose room. People have either their computers or laptops in their bedrooms. This often distracts them and gets them involved in some work or the other. Many people also choose to have television in their bedrooms which is the worst distraction. All of us are well aware of the fact that television can be extremely distracting. Books, music system are few other objects of distraction in the bedroom.

People have almost forgotten the fact that bedroom is meant for sleeping, relaxing and for lovemaking alone. So keep your bedroom free of all sorts of distractions. Your bedroom should be a place meant for you and your partner to relax and do all the lovemaking. Also make efforts to create positive energy in your bedroom by placing scented candles, flowers, the right crystals, beautiful artifacts etc. These will certainly lift your spirits and help spice up your sex life.

Share Your Fantasies

Men as well as women have many secret fantasies. Its just that most couples feel shy of sharing those with each other. So come out of your shells and blurt out your fantasies. You have many years of your life to spend with your partner and hence there should be no feeling of shame or guilt. Experimenting with each others fantasies is sure to brighten and spice up your sex life. Also try new positions of sex once a while.

You might discover some new and never felt before kind of sensations during your lovemaking sessions. Also make it a point to talk to your partner while making love. Let your partner know if there is a certain way he/she touches you makes you feel good. This will help your partner please you better. Always remember that sharing fantasies and communicating with each other will take your love love a long way.

Do Something Different

Do not confine yourself to the walls of your bedroom alone for lovemaking. Try something different at a different place. It can be any other part of your house like hall, garden, kitchen, stairs etc. If you have a bath tub then there is nothing better than that. All you have to do is soak yourself and your partner in water mixed with rose petals, aroma oils etc. This will certainly tease your senses and make you feel on top of the world. It is always good to explore your wild side once a while. You can choose to go camping with your partner to a secluded and beautiful place and make love beneath the stars.

If you are not that much into adventures, then simple choose to set a campfire in your garden and make love. If you wish to do something interesting indoors, then simply decorate your bedroom with candles and place few rose petals on your bed and make love. This is sure to make your love making sessions even better. Choose to give each other massages in your favorite part of your home once a while . Switch on some music, light some candles and use your favorite aroma oils to massage each other. This works wonders and helps spice up your sex life.

It is very essential to indulge in regular love making sessions to strengthen your relationship. Lack of sex and physical intimacy is one of the major reasons for majority of divorces and breakups in America and around the world. So in order to make a relationship work, you will have to pay attention towards such things and do the necessary to improve your relationship. Apart from strengthening your relationship, sex also helps keep you happy and healthy. So make sure that you follow these tips to spice up your love and sex life.