Tips To Reverse Loss Of Hair And Encourage Hair Re-Growth

Tips To Reverse Loss Of Hair And Encourage Hair Re-Growth

Tips To Reverse Loss Of Hair And Encourage Hair Re-Growth If you are upset by the loss of hair you are noticing, and want it to be stopped and also ensure re-growth of hair, you can try some of the tips given below to reverse hair fall. This article discusses the treatment options available to reverse hair loss and help encourage new hair re-growth.

Though there are a number of causes for this condition, 95% of balding people may be suffering from genetic reasons and the genes inherited from their parents, known as Androgenic Alopecia, cannot be reversed easily.  Through the genes, you have hereditarily higher sensitivity, to a particular hormone or androgen, called as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT passes through your blood and attaches to the hair follicles, which start shrinking.

When they become very small, they fall out. Though some 50 to 100 follicles fall out regularly from your head daily and re-grow, these will not re-grow.   Fortunately, we have treatments to reverse this condition both in female and male baldness. While off the counter you can get literally hundreds of medications to treat this condition, only two medications have been approved by FDA, proving their ability to stave the hair fall. You should thus only try the proven ones.

Propecia is the first one, a recently approved product, also known as Finasteride, can help prevent hair loss. This can be bought only through a prescription. Though considered to be the most effective, everyone doesn’t prefer it because it is made for men only and secondly some people have experienced certain side effects affecting the Testosterone levels in some users. If you are young and wanting to start a family, this medicine is not for you.

A safer option is Minoxidil; a topical cream approved by FDA, obtainable without any medical prescriptions.  Though this medicine may not be as effective as Finasteride, it is considered a safe medicine to be tried, after all some of us have to commence using some product or the other to stop hair loss.

Thus you will appreciate that treatment for female and male pattern baldness are two different things and have to be treated separately. You can also use shampoos that help hair re-growth in men or women. Make sure that your shampoo does not contain the sodium lauryl sulfate (SLF) as this chemical tends to dry your hair, making it weak and easily damaged. Your shampoo should be a clarifying shampoo that cleans your hair follicles well while encouraging good circulation.

Alternatively, you can apply olive oil on your hair to encourage good re-growth. Do this for eight nights, before you sleep, covering your head with a towel. Wash your hair the next morning. The olive oil gets rid of bacteria in your hair and scalp to encourage good growth again. If you are experiencing hair loss, know then that the enzyme DHT is present and binding your hair follicles. You should use saw palmetto, a natural herb to reduce DHT in your body so that your hair can grow again healthily.