Tips To Reduce Underarm Sweat

Tips To Reduce Underarm Sweat

Tips To Reduce Underarm Sweat Body sweat is a natural phenomenon. Our bodies sweat because of various reasons such as physical work out, hot temperature, anxiety etc. However, it feels bad and embarrassing when our clothes get wet or our body smells badly because of sweat. Underarm sweat is quite a common problem and is visible on clothes. Following are some of the Tips to Reduce Underarm Sweat-

Tips to Reduce Underarm Sweat

Use an Antiperspirant

There are various types of antiperspirants easily available in the market. When used on underarms, an antiperspirant helps in reducing or preventing the occurrence of sweat. As compared to a deodorant, antiperspirant is most suitable for those individuals having problem of excessive sweat rather than body odor.

It is advisable to use an antiperspirant before going to bed in the night. Using antiperspirant in night has a long lasting effect which in some cases may last for 24 hours even after having a bath. Nowadays, various types of deodorants containing antiperspirant are available in the market. These deodorants can be used to prevent both body odor and sweat.

Remove Underarm Hair

Underarm sweat is also caused by underarm hair. In order to reduce underarm sweat, it is advisable to remove underarm hair as and when required. Underarm hair can be removed using hair removal creams, waxing or shaving. Having no underarm hair, you can comfortably wear sleeveless clothes which may help in reducing underarm sweat.

Wear Clothes that Prevent Sweat

Level of sweat also depends on the type of cloth material. It is generally observed that synthetic material results in more sweat as compared to polyester which dries up very fast. Further, you can avoid tight fitted t-shirts or shirts in order to reduce underarm sweat.

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Keep Your Body Clean and Hygienic

Unclean and unhygienic body also results in body odor and sweat. We should take bath on a daily basis to keep our body clean and hygienic. An anti bacterial soap may be used for cleaning the body. It should be ensured that underarms are washed regularly to avoid any kind of bacteria or germs.

Reduce Stress

An individual having a lot of stress may sweat more in comparison to others. Stress buster techniques such as yoga and meditation can be used to reduce sweat. Yoga has been found to be a good solution for excessive sweating. Regular practice of yoga can help an individual in curing the problem of excessive sweating on a permanent basis.

Meditation is also a stress buster which may help in prevention of excessive sweat. Breathing techniques can also be used to reduce stress which may help in reducing the level of sweat. It is important to note that these techniques will help in reducing the sweat on the entire body and not simply on underarms.

In order to prevent the appearance of underarm sweat on clothes, underarm shields may be used. Underarm shields are required to be placed under the arms inside the clothes to prevent any kind of stain on the clothes resulting from underarm sweat. These shields are also available in disposable form in the market.