Tips to Read Female Body Language

It is very difficult to read women mind, but women are more deliberate to giving out flirting signals, and if you want to interpret these signals then try out these tips, which help you to read female body language easily.

1. Observe her hands & body:

Watching her hands closely if she starts playing with her hair then it means she tries to impress you. In your presence, any women start to fondle her face, neck, shoulder, arm and leg. She likes you and wants you to take a next move.Her body leaning towards you or shoulder & knees pointing towards you, then it is the better body language sign that she mesmerized by your personality.

2. Observe eye and any seductive movements:

It is the easiest method to read anybody mind, it is the human nature that if we like something then we will be started to stare those things. Eye contact is the best way to understand women inner feelings. In starting, she feels a bit uncomfortable, but after few minutes she feels much relaxed & comfortable.

If she is always wearing sexy outfits and passes seductive body language signs, then it means she conveys her attention towards you through all these methods and wants you to take a next move from your side.

3. Observe legs:

Women’s crossing her legs and shoe on the top leg trio off and on of her bottom, then it means she interested in you. You can also check any other move like, straightening her skirt yet showing a little more leg.

4. Other movements:

If she is trying to put her hands on your arm and leaves it for a movement, then it means she is comfortable and wants to live in a nice moment with you.Feel comfortable to talk with you and openly discuss each & everything about her life. Then she is really like you or interested in you and shows you the soft side of her personality.

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Rakesh Bhandari