Tips to Protect your Hair from Regular Damage

Though we may not be aware of it we torture our hair in several ways on a daily basis. Harsh products, sun damage, wind, styles and heat treatments can cause permanent damage to the hair.

Pollution also plays a key role in creating a bad hair day. So, with all these elements playing havoc on your hair how do you control anything?

If you are a person who uses a flat iron on her hair every day then you need to stop this immediately. If you must use the iron on your hair every time you wash your hair you will need to reduce the number of times you wash your hair every week.

Wash your hair every alternate day or twice a week to prevent damaging the ends of your hair. After you iron your hair use a leave in conditioner to nourish the driest hair; it will also prevent the formation of split ends.

You can also protect your hair from natural elements like the wind and the sun. If you notice these elements causing havoc on your hair you can start by wearing a scarf or a hat when you are outdoors.

This is the simplest and most effective way to control hair damage caused by natural elements. Another way to protect your hair is to tie your hair in a bun or braid it when you are outdoors. This will prevent friction in your hair and will prevent your hair from breaking.

The air conditioning can also cause your hair to get dry and look dull and lifeless. In this case hot oil massages and regular oil treatments will save the roots and tips of your hair.

Don’t color your hair more than 6 times a year (if you are covering grey hair) and more than twice a year for a change of color. Hair dyes are notorious for stripping the natural oils from your hair and making it dull, lifeless and prone to split ends.

In this case you need to reduce the number of color treatments every year and also use deep conditioning treatments after your color treatments.

Care for your hair and it will grow long and strong.