Tips To Prevent Child Abuse

Tips To Prevent Child Abuse

Tips To Prevent Child Abuse The fundamental thing to be taught to children is making them aware about their own body and the knowledge that nobody has right to touch them without their permission. They are the owners, care provider and guards of their own body. Inform them about different kinds of touches to help them understand what is safe and what is not.

Tips To Prevent Child Abuse

Understanding about Safe-Unsafe Touch

Good touch makes one feel safe, cared and happy whereas bad touch makes one uncomfortable, bad or disturbed. Also, make them aware about sexual touch which are private body parts touch that comprise of those body parts that are always covered and supposed to be seen and touched only by the individual himself at time of need.

Sexual abuse touch makes one feel anxious, scared and uncertain. Touching private parts of someone is a big, punishable offence and person doing so has to be brought to notice of the elders of the family.

Clear them about these touches with examples so that they know about them from young age. A doctor’s touch to our body parts is safe touch to make our health better and that only happens after we permit him to do so.

Teaching Them to Say ‘NO’ When it is Essential

It is absolutely fine to say no for something you are not comfortable. The child should simply say no on account of someone trying to touch him/her and getting friendly with him/her without his/her consent and should prefer to move out from the place, if possible.

Guide Them About Secrets That are Not to Be Withhold

Help your child to understand what should be kept as secret. The things that are personal, family bound should not be shared with others (outsiders) but things should not be hidden from your own parents or caregiver, and more profoundly thing that troubles you or affects you should be discussed at the earliest.

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In case, something strange, new happening happens, still share with your parents or caregiver as they could help you to tackle every situation and guide you better.

Make Them Aware About Stranger and Danger

The child should be instructed about strangers as people who are not known to us, even though we may know the face but we do not regularly interact with them on personal front. Instruct them to not talk, share anything with strangers even if strangers try to mingle and never go along with them anywhere. In case of doubt, the child must call back his parents or other trusted person for guidance.

Under cases, where a stranger may force the child to come along, teach the child to raise an alarm and run to nearest crowded place. Then the child should immediately call and talk with parents for further help. Make sure the child knows personal phone number of parents, home address and emergency numbers that could be referred in time of needs.

Teach Your Child to Move in Groups Rather Than Alone When Out of The Home In Absence of Elders

With proper teaching early in life we could save all our beloved children from being prey to such evils that cause an emotional abuse to the entire society.

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