Tips To Pamper Your Brittle Nails At Home

After hours of pampering yourself in spa, you are finally ready for your big date. Just before leaving, you realize that nails of your index and middle fingers are chipped.

All you pray is that your date overlooks this. Sounds familiar? Well, brittle nails are the problem faced by a lot of women. With little care at home, you can put an end to this problem.

The structure of the nail consists of the nail plate, the nail matrix and the nail bed. The nail plate is the visible part of the nail and is lifeless. The nail matrix is the tissue upon which the nail rests and is the most important part of the nail. The nail bed refers to the skin beneath the nail plate.

So, in order to have healthy, lustrous and glamorous nails it is very important to nourish the matrix.At-home nail care requires you to strengthen the matrix by massaging your nails with good nail cream on regular basis. This will soften nail walls. Apply almond oil or olive oil on your nails regularly. This will make them soft and supple.

Use only high quality nail products. Make sure that your nail polish remover is acetone free. Acetone dries nail plates. If you have thin nails, then rubbing vinegar or lime is beneficial.

Get a manicure from good nail salon in every 15 days. Trim your nails regularly.Frequent exposure to water can also lead to brittle nails. Vegetable oil helps in replacing the lost moisture. Massage the oil into your nails every three to four days.If your nails have a yellowish tinge, then, rubbing a piece of lemon will lighten and strengthen your nails.

Food can have direct impact on your nails. If you have brittle nails then consume food rich in biotin, vitamin A, iodine and iron. Foods that are rich in biotin are peanuts, egg yolks and lentils. You can take biotin supplements as well.

Nail problems cannot be solved in a day. It is a step by step process. Do try these simple tips and flaunt your healthy nails to the world.

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