Tips To Name Your Baby

You have your new baby born and you want your baby to have the best and the cutest name of all. But naming a baby is not as easy as blindly picking your favorite name. It might be your favorite but your child might grow up to hating it in case you get it wrong.

You’d rather go for an ordinary name than something unusual just to have your baby’s name stand out and have them be embarrassed of it when they grow up. Choose what your priority is. Do you want a meaningful name? Or do you want a name that sounds like it’s straight out of a fantasy novel? Or a name that is sweet, popular and safe? You need to be careful when you are choosing a name that is meaningful.

You child might grow up to be someone that is exactly the opposite of what their name means. This usually happens when you are going for a name that means a certain adjective. But if you don’t care about something like that, you can go ahead with a name you wish your child to grow up to become.

Don’t go for a name that is childish. It might sound perfect for a baby, but some day your child is going to grow up and the name won’t be as perfect as you thought anymore. If you wish your child to grow up to be someone successful and have a powerful career, choose a name that fits that kind of personality.

Say the name out loud and see how it sounds. Imagine someone calling you with the name. See if it sounds strange or if you’d mind having that for your name. You also need to think of the nicknames that can be associated with it. If you don’t like the feel of it, don’t go for it.

Think of the initials that make up for the name of the child. You wouldn’t want to name your child accidentally with a name whose initials make up for an insulting name? like N.U.T?

Make sure the name is easy to pronounce. You don’t want your child to spend the rest of their life correcting everyone how their name is pronounced or spelled. Keep it simple and sweet. Start thinking of names early since you are likely to change your mind later.