Tips To Make Your Own Tanning Lotion

Tips To Make Your Own Tanning Lotion

Tips To Make Your Own Tanning Lotion A day out in the beach surely calls for a generous use of tanning lotion. But for some, the commercially available lotions tend to cause a lot of unwanted side effects and allergies.

An effective solution to this problem can be obtained by making your own tanning lotion. These homemade tanning lotions are devoid of chemicals which have the potential to cause harm to the user. The preparation of these tanning lotions is quite simple and you can do it with the help of ingredients which are inexpensive and easily available.

Here are the preparatory steps of 2 types of homemade tanning lotions which can be used as effective substitutes to the commercially available ones.

Tanning Lotion from Tea

Making tanning lotion from tea is indeed an easy process. For this you can either make tea by brewing tea leaves or by using tea bags. Mix a cup of prepared tea with 2 cups of lanolin and half a cup of any natural oil, like coconut oil which will act as a carrier.

To give your tanning lotion a pleasant fragrance you can add to this mixture a few drops of any essential oil of your choice. The entire mixture should be then treated in a blender so as to give it a smooth and uniform composition.
This homemade tanning lotion can be then stored in airtight containers for further use. The only disadvantage of this lotion is that its effects will last only for a maximum period of 2 hours.

To increase the activity period and efficiency of the tanning lotion you can add to it a quarter cup of pure carrot extract. This extra additive will render the tanning lotion with increased  protective properties against the harmful rays of the sun, thus greatly reducing the risk of skin cancer and associated troubles.

Homemade Indoor Tanning Lotions

Homemade Indoor Tanning Lotions

If you are one of those who would like to have a tan without going out, then you can very well make use of an indoor tanning lotion. This is also a perfect method of obtaining a tan during the cold winters, without having to resort to using indoor tanning lamps and tanning beds.

A homemade recipe for an indoor tanning lotion suggests the use of sesame oil, which acts as a carrier and cocoa. Cocoa, apart from acting as an excellent dye will also render the tanning lotion with a delightful flavor.

To prepare the homemade tanning lotion, you should first stir the coco powder with a few drops of the carrier oil so as to make a liquid mixture. The amount of cocoa taken should be such that, the final paste obtained should have a color which is a shade darker than the color of the tan you want on your skin.

The color of the tan can be tested by applying a small patch of the prepared homemade tanning lotion on your stomach, where the color is absorbed at a fast rate. If the color is not according to your liking and you prefer to have a more tanned look, then you can add more cocoa powder until the desired color is obtained. If the color is too strong for your liking, you can rectify the problem by adding more of the carrier oil. Thus indoors or outdoors, you can be sure to obtain the perfect sun kissed look by making use of homemade tanning lotions.

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