Tips To Make Your Nose Appear Smaller

Tips To Make Your Nose Appear Smaller

Tips To Make Your Nose Appear Smaller Shape and size of nose vary greatly from one individual to another. While some people have been blessed with slender and raised noses, which enhance their beauty, some people have been blessed with large and broad noses, which destroy looks effectively.

While going to any party or special occasion, many women wish if they have perfect noses. Having a broad and large nose does not mean that a woman cannot look beautiful. There are certain ways in which nose can be made to appear smaller.

These ways are preferred more to plastic surgery, which is a very expensive method of having a smaller nose. Looks of nose are changed by using makeup products that are easily found in market.

How to Make Your Nose Appear Smaller

First of all, all types of blemishes and scars on the nose should be hided by using appropriate makeup products like concealer. Afterwards, foundation is applied all over the face. For changing the looks of nose, simple makeup techniques are used. These techniques are based upon the principle that colors darker than the skin tone make places covered look smaller while colors brighter than the skin tone make places covered appear larger.

Thus, if a woman has wide nose, darker colored foundation should be applied on the sides of nose. If a woman has a very long nose,How To the tip of the nose should be darkened for providing desired appearance. Some women also have crooked nose, which destroys looks greatly. Such woman can make straight lines on the sides of nose. The shade of foundation applied for making the nose look smaller must be one shade darker than the shade of foundation applied on face.

If a woman wants a smaller and wider nose, contours should be drawn with the help of darker foundation. Darker shaded lines should be drawn at the side of nose and these must not be very thick. These lines should start from eyebrows and should end at the tip of nose. Many beauty experts draw a straight brighter line at the middle part of nose also so that it looks smaller and thinner.

All the edges of darker foundation should be blended well at the edges so that no demarcation between two foundations is noted. If a woman does not have darker shades of foundation, she can also use bronzer or blush. For making nose appear smaller, it is also necessary that eyes are highlighted properly by using a dramatic eye shadow, mascara and eye liner.

These makeup products help in drawing the attention of viewer away from the nose. If a woman does not like to highlight eyes, she can highlight lips for drawing attention away from nose. This is done by using bright colored lip colors.

In no cases, both of these should be highlighted as it provides outdated looks. It is also necessary that right shade of blush is used on the face. Women with fair skin should use pink blush while women having darker skin should use berry blush. Since thinner and further apart eyebrows bring more attention to the nose, these must be avoided by using eyebrow pencil.

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