Tips To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship

Maintain A Long Distance Relationship

Maintain A Long Distance Relationship One of the hardest things to do in life is to maintain a long distance relationship with your loved one. Two people in a relationship have their own opinions and differences which becomes the reason for frequent fights and arguments.

But it becomes all the more difficult to manage such petty issues when you stay apart. It is believed that long distance relationship has no future and it is sure to end someday. But true love and some effort is all it takes to make this task achievable. Being in a long distance relationship, might not be as rosy as it used to be earlier.

But if two people wish to continue in a long distance relationship with determination, then they will surely succeed. So if you and your partner are gonna get involved in a long distance relationship for some reason or the other, then gather all the patience and prepare yourself for this difficult phase. If you have faith in yourself and your partner, then you will surely get through this difficult time. Here are some tips that will help you maintain a long distance relationship healthily.

Name Your Relationship And Set Your Priorities

It is very important to name your relationship before you drift apart. Analyze where you stand and determine the fate of your relationship. Decide on what both of you wish to name your relationship. You can call it engaged to each other, committed, etc. More than naming your relationship it is important to adhere to it. Promise each other that you will remain in a relationship with each other no matter what happens.

Once you are ready to make such a promise with each other, you can consider yourselves soul mates and capable of handling a long distance relationship. Some people leave things to fate before partying ways with each other and such relationships never last, because neither person knows the name of their relationship. Once you determine the future of your relationship you can be sure that nothing will drift you apart.

Find Means To Communicate With Each Other

It is very important to communicate with each other by some means or the other. With the advancement in technology, you can use variety of means of communication. All you need is a computer with a webcam and an internet connection. Various social networking sites, skype etc. are boon for lovers who live miles away from each other.

Dedicate at least an hour of your day for your loved one. Any time of the day which both of you can spare for each other is good enough. If for some reason or the other either of you cannot spare an hour, then find at least 15 minutes for each other.

If both of you are in the same country then you can communicate via mobiles and telephones also. Join some monthly rental plan which offers cheap long distance calls. If there are days when you just cannot afford to spare time, then at least send each other SMS. This will make you feel closer to each other in spite of the distance.

Fight Feelings of Jealously

A sense of insecurity is very natural when a couple starts living in different places. Either might wonder what their partner is doing and if he/she is missing him/her or not. These factors can trigger feelings of jealously which in most cases lead to a breakup. Majority of relationships end because either partner starts feeling jealous. So you will have to trust your partner and fight your feelings of jealously.

Faith and trust in your partner is very essential to make a relationship work. You can fight feelings of jealously by getting involved in your partner’s life. You can know who your partner is friends with and what keeps him/her busy. Also ensure that you involve your partner in your life and tell him/her everything about your life. Sharing everything helps fight feelings of jealously and also strengthens the relationship.

Avoid Fights And Arguments

You are miles apart from each other and hardly have time to speak to each other. Under such circumstances avoid putting up a fight. Fights and arguments might make your already brittle relationship all the more bitter. So try your best to avoid arguing with each other and make sure that you utilize your time in sharing things with each other and expressing your love for each other.

Express Your Feelings

It is very important to reveal your feelings every once a while. Tell each other “I love you”. everyday. These three golden words are like music to ears and brings two people closer. Also share your feelings with each other when you feel low, or bad due to some reason or the other. Most long distance relationships end because of inability of either partner to express their feelings. Expressing feelings makes two people understand and love each other better. So if you are one of those people who fail to express their feelings then mend your ways.

Stay Optimistic

Most couples breakup with each other simply because either or both the partners had negative feelings about their long distance relationship. It is very important to think positively to make things work. If you end up believing that your relationship is not gonna last, then it will not last. It is important that you remain optimistic about the whole situation and your relationship will surely work.

Surprise Each Other

If possible, try surprising your partner by paying him/her a surprise visit. Plan a surprise visit to meet your partner once a while. Make sure that you find out if your partner is not busy with anything during that time so that you can spend ample amount of time with each other.

Try to meet each other as many times as possible to minimize the gap created due to long distance relationship. This will surely work wonders for your relationship. It does not take a lot to make a long distance relationship work. Lot of love and little patience will keep your love alive. Make sure that you follow these tips to maintain a long distance relationship.

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