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How To Keep Your Tattoo Vibrant

How To Keep Your Tattoo Vibrant Many people like to have body art or tattoos on their body for looking great. In fact, tattoos are very much in vogue these days and many celebrities can be found promoting these at different body parts.

Every person wishes that tattoo made on their body remains bright and crisp for many months. However, it has been observed that tattoo starts fading out over a period of time and colors do not remain as vivid as when the tattoo is fresh.

There are many reasons due to which fading of tattoo occurs. For example, exposure of sun leads to fading out of tattoo. Similarly, if tattoo artist has not applied ink correctly, within few weeks, tattoo can start fading out.

How to Keep Your Tattoo Vibrant

There are certain ways in which tattoo can be kept vibrant and prevented from fading out earlier. First of all, a person must follow the aftercare directions provided by the tattoo artist or services. These artists recommend certain types of products to be used on tattoo.

If a person switches over to some other products due to cost, it will definitely affect the crispiness of tattoo. In case, a person suffers from certain types of allergies due to use of these products, he must consult tattoo artist to know about alternate products. Another step that can be taken for keeping the tattoo vibrant is to remove the bandage applied by the artist over tattoo after the prescribed time period.

Removing the bandage earlier can destabilize tattoo and thus, it may start fading out within few days only. Since daily washing practices are one of major reasons for fading out of tattoo, tattoo must be washed with mild soap and water only when it is new. In no case, tattoo should be kept submerged in water for longer durations. For example, some people like to sit in bath tub for hours together.

If tattoo, which is new, remains submerged in this water, it would definitely loose its sharpness. While taking bath, abrasive tools must not be used over tattoo. For example, many people like to use washcloth or a loofah for cleaning their body while taking shower. Doing this on a new tattoo would definitely remove some of colors and thus, tattoo would appear lighter.

Many skin care experts believe that after tattoo is two to three weeks old, regular bathing routine can be followed. For keeping tattoo vibrant, it is also necessary that new tattoo is kept moisturized. For this purpose, dye-free and fragrance-free moisturizing lotion should be used. This is because until tattoo is completely healed, any type of chemical should not enter the skin.

If scabbing of skin occurs, it must not be picked, as it can damage the final appearance of tattoo. Sometimes, due to wearing of tight or constricted clothes, tattoo starts fading out. Thus, such clothing must be avoided not only when the tattoo is new but also when it becomes old. Friction caused due to wearing of tight clothes can easily remove the colors from tattoo. While moving out of home, a person must use sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. This prevents sun from fading out tattoo effectively.