Tips To Keep Your Husband Happy

Keep Your Husband Happy

 Keep Your Husband Happy Gone are the days when men used to go work and earn for their family and women used to stay back and cook for their men. Now women stand equal with men and do everything from earning to managing a household.

But in an attempt to do that women forget the fact that men need to feel loved at all times. Men are extremely unstable and it is very important that you be the perfect wife once a while. Certain gestures and few good words is all it takes to keep your man in control. Men love being loved by their woman but they never accept this fact. So it is very unjustified if you expect them to be sweet and cute all the time. Men love their woman but they fail to show it the way women do. Woman want to be touched, kissed, hugged, showered by gifts and surprises all the time. But men need faith, support and understanding from their women. Men have a different perspective of love and no matter how they show it, you should play your part.

For starters, it is very important that you respect your husband. Treating your husband like dirt will certainly not take your relationship too far. Also remember that in order to get respect, you will have to give respect. Make it a point to be nice to your husband when you are around people. A disrespectful remark in public or in front of your husband’s friend could hurt his sentiments. So make sure that you respect him in public as well as inside your house. This will make your husband adore you even more. Moreover, respecting each other not only keeps the couple happy but also helps strengthen your relationship. So ensure that you respect your husband and he will surely respect you in return.

Next most important thing that woman fail to follow is to stop complaining and nagging all the time. Women have this tendency to blame the husband for all the bad things. Without even understanding the situation women keep on complaining which makes the husband feel disrespectful. It is very important to analyse the situation before you come to a conclusion. Make your husband feel that you trust him. Once that happens your husband will feel like he is the luckiest man alive. Give your husband his share of space once a while. You need your share of shopping and quality time with your girlfriends to keep from getting bored. Likewise, men need their own quality time too. Sadly, men and women are different in nature and so the likes and dislikes of both men and woman vary greatly.

You cannot spend time with your husband playing his favorite sport all the time. Similarly you cannot expect your husband to go shopping with you and enjoy every bit of it just the way you do. So make sure that you give him some time off to spend some good times with his buddies. He will come back home filled with satisfaction and gratitude. Stay optimistic and positive at all times. Men tend to get worked up pretty fast and it is the responsibility of the woman to calm him down. In order to do so you will have to be patient at all times. When couple live with each other for a long period of time then  the couple is most likely to become like each other.

So if you stay pleasant and happy around him then, that can have a very good impact on your husband and kids as well. You being the home maker, should set a god example to your entire family by being happy all the times. If something has gone wrong then hear him out and empathize with him. Come what may do not stop supporting your husband. Do not lose faith in him because you are his strength. Your faith in your husband will surely boost your man’s confidence. Be pleasant around him in good times and bad times. Assure him that things will be back to normal and your life will be on track again. Positive vibes from you will certainly make your husband’s day.

Find quality time to be with your husband. Most failed marriages are as a result of lack of time and communication. So do spare time to spend sometime with your husband alone. Weekends are the perfect times to be with your husband. So finish all your chores early on weekends. Engage your kids in some activity like music lessons or some games, so that you and your husband remain alone at home. Men are not very good at the communication part and everything depends on how well you are able to communicate with him. This is very important to make a marriage work and to prove to your husband that you are a perfect wife.

Treat him like a king once a while. Decorate the house with scented candles and flowers so that when he enters home he knows he is in for a treat. Welcome him with a drink and offer to massage him so that he feels extra special. Cook his favorite food and finish his pending chores. Surprise him with a great candle light meal and pamper him. This will certainly lift his moods and make him feel on top of the world. Your gestures will certainly make him feel loved and he is sure to return that love also.

Sex is very important for men. Most men can shower their love towards their wife only in the form of sex. You cannot expect them to be as emotional as women. So do understand their feelings and indulge in regular love making sessions. Women tend to get engrossed with household chores, kids, job etc. and men often feel deprived of sex in such situations. This is when men unintentionally venture out of their marriage and fall prey to extra marital relationships. So do not let your man wander around and keep him all by yourself by giving him what he wants. Follow these steps and you surely will keep your husband happy and your man will remain your’s forever.

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