Tips to Increase Your Sexual Stamina

There are many exercises and methods to increase your sexual stamina. All that you have to do is to be regular and follow a schedule for these methods, and you will automatically see the vigor in yourself.

The first tip is to exercise every day. Exercise for a little time, but do. Go for a jog or do some other cardiovascular exercises. An increase in the physical stamina in doing any physical work directly equates to increased stamina during sex. Give time to yourself and practice Kegel Exercises.

These exercises are practiced by women during pregnancy to control and strengthen the muscles in the vaginal tract and the abdomen. One of these exercises calls for learning the method to control urine.

This is done by squeezing the muscles in the vagina using your fingers. This helps in their strengthening and hence you have a better control over ejaculation. A delayed orgasm also helps you have a longer sexual session.

Then there is another simple form of exercise that helps to develop your stamina very easily. All that you need to do is to take a long walk every day. Put on some music in the ears and put on your walking shoes. Walk till you have listened to 10 of your favorite tracks.

You will find a surge of energy in you. Not only you will have enjoyed the music session, but also you would have realized that you walked quite a lot. You just need to fill yourself in with a lot of water after that to avoid any dehydration.

Another way to increase your stamina is by eating a lot of fruits with Vitamin C. This vitamin helps in improving the circulation of the blood and is also responsible for the better response of nerve endings. Guava, grapefruits and orange are excellent sources of Vitamin C. You will also find a high content of Vitamin C in tomatoes, broccoli and spinach.

Lastly, controlled breathing exercises help in increasing your stamina exponentially. By controlling your breathing, you can subject yourself to conditions which are like the body conditions during sex, where there is faster heartbeat and shortness of breath. This will prepare your body for more stamina retention during sex.