Tips to Increase Metabolism

Metabolism is a process of breaking down of the complex food form into nutrients that can be absorbed by the body.

You might have noticed that your best friend eats pizzas every second days and never gains weight while you never seem to go about losing it no matter what diet you try.

This is a result of your slow and her fast metabolism rate. The Metabolic rate is not entirely dependent on the genes. They account for just 5% of the fat buildup on the body.

Right habits and adherence to the regimen will help you have the right metabolic rates. The procedure to increase the metabolism is not so much of activities than patience and discipline. Here are a few tips to help you have a better metabolism and hence keep you naturally fit.

The tip is not to starve but plan and regulate the eating habits. It is emphasized that the breakfast should never be missed and it should be healthy. The body usually has not had food for 8 to 10 hours before breakfast and the generation of the enzymes is at its peak.

The food that you have at breakfast is broken down the fastest. Right diet will fill you with energy that will help you go through your day with more alacrity than usual.

If you have most of the food in the first half of the day, then your body will generate enough energy to see you through the day and with less consumption in the second half of the day, the digestive system will also get time to recuperate. Regular adherence to this habit will help you increase your metabolism automatically.

Ensure that you eat a little when hungry. Starvation is not the key. Doing a lot of aerobic exercises also helps in pushing the body to produce more energy.

Ensure that you have plenty of water every day. Eight to ten glasses of water on a daily basis help making the food soluble and therefore easier to absorb. This in turn increases the speed of metabolism. Ensure that the food content contains plenty of Vitamin B-12 for energy.