Tips to Help you Choose the Correct Foundation

The first thing about makeup is to ensure that the foundation has been chosen right.

If the foundation bears the wrong tone, then no matter how fine the makeup is, it will fall short of the look that is being discerned. Picking up the right foundation is quite a task and the following tips will help you do it right.

The first thing that you need to consider is your skin type. Before you pick the right shade, understand what kind of foundation will go well with oily or dry skin. Assess the same in case you have a combination skin type.

In case of oily skin, look for foundation that is oil free. “Oil Free” is mentioned on the packing of such foundations. Likewise, in case of dry skin, look for moisturizer based foundation.

Such foundations will say “hydrating” and “moisture rich”. The predicament then might lie with the combination skin. In this case, assess whether your skin is more on the dry side or on the oily side and accordingly choose the foundation.

Select a few colors matching your skin tone. It has been observed that yellow based foundations go well on almost all skin. Once the color has been chosen, try it on your jaw line and not the hand because the color on the jaw will match your face skin tone exactly than on the arm or the wrist.

Apply a couple of dots of the colors that you have selected and stay close to the window so that there be ample light for you to see yourself and judge the color type.

There are a variety of foundation types. There are the oil free liquid foundations that are the best for oily skin. They end in a matt finish in the skin. Then there are ultra matte foundations that may render a grayish touch to the foundation.

Also there are the pressed powder foundations which have pressed powder texture and are recommended for oily skin. For normal skin type, try cream to powder foundation.

Lastly, there is the liquid to powder form that feels lighter on the skin and this is recommended for normal and oily skin.

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