Tips To Getting Rid Of Split Ends

Split Ends

Split Ends Split ends can ruin your hair style. They will make even the best style look unpolished. They also harm you hair and make it look frail. If you have been ignoring your split ends, it is time to stop.

Cut Off the Splits

The first thing you must do is cut off all of the split ends. Do not be fooled by how much length your hair appears to have. If the last 4 inches is split, then it is unhealthy and needs to be gotten rid of. If you do not cut them off, they will continue to split the hair shaft and make your hair weak, and appear thin and wispy. So go ahead, cut those split ends, and give your hair a chance to be happy and healthy. Continue to trim your ends about once a month or every 6 weeks.

Sleep on Satin

Sleep with a satin pillow or scarf. A pillow will allow you to relax while sleep and not have to worry about keeping your scarf on your head. The satin will not pull on your hair or further damage the ends. Satin also minimizes tangling so you do not have to comb your hair as vigorously. Cotton dries out your hair and the dryness makes it more likely to break.

Avoid Excessive Heat

Reduce the amount of heat you expose your hair to. Every time you blow dry, flat iron and curl your hair, you damage it. Since you are probably not going to stop styling your hair, it is best to not do it excessively. When you wash your hair, do it with cold water because the hot water also promotes damage. When styling your hair, use a product that is designed to protect it from the heat.

Pick a Good Shampoo and Conditioner

Choose a shampoo and conditioner that treats split ends. Some products seal the ends as it cleanses or gives the hair extra moisture so it is less likely to split. Condition your hair every time you wash it. Moisturizing your hair regularly is important to keeping it healthy and making sure the split ends do not return. After washing, be sure to use wide tooth comb since the hair is more sensitive to breakage while wet.

Minimize Coloring

Minimize how much you dye your hair. Dye strips your hair of its natural moisture and makes it brittle, making it more likely to break. The breakage will cause more split ends and make your hair uneven.

Washing Your Hair

Daily washing can damage your hair as its natural oils tend to be washed away. Hence your hair becomes dry easily and splits. When you shower, do not pile your hair up and scrub vigorously. Rather, just massage the shampoo at your scalp; the rinsing will wash the rest of your hair without heavy damage. After your shower, brush your wet hair with a wide comb to gently remove tangles. This will prevent splits. Remembering these easy tips will allow you to have healthy luxurious hair for a lifetime.