Tips To Get The Best Swimwear Separates For Women

Tips To Get The Best Swimwear Separates For Women

Tips To Get The Best Swimwear Separates For Women Women choose swimwear very carefully, especially because every woman wants to look hot and sexy on the beach! To choose the best bikini and to keep everyone interested is not just difficult, but expensive too. Going by the rate tags on beautiful bikini sets and one piece swimsuits, very few women can accomplish this feat with conviction.

How many bikini sets can you buy? What will you do when a bikini bottom or top from a bikini set gets worn out? Throw away the other part? How many bikini sets can you buy to keep looking sexy? Aren’t one piece suits boring? You can never mix and match them with anything…

Swimwear separates are here…

Here’s where you can take a look at swimwear separates. This thrilling section of swimwear allows you to choose everything separately. Now you can look for matches for the bikini tops and bottoms that had lost their pairs and also add a whole lot of variety into your wardrobe. Nothing like mixing and matching your own swimwear styles. You could use all your creative imagination and create wonderful combinations that your peers would die for…But never let the secret out to them to stay unique!

Get Best Swimwear Separates For Women

The greatest advantages of swim separates are definitely for the plus size category of women. These would include women who are in the range of plump to overweight. These women have varied body measurements which will not be in any size category. For this plain reason, they cannot chose their bikini styles from bikini sets. They would have a 36 cup and a 45” waist. Sizes go for a toss when it comes to these women.

Swim separates come to their immediate rescue. They have all the sizes available separately in swim separates. The only trouble for them is too just make sure that they get the combinations right. You need to have a basic sense of colour and style to be able to mix and match swim separates effectively. You also need a lot of time to choose the best matches for swim separates. A great idea while you choose swim separates is to look for matches that can be put as a set. For instance a bikini top and bottom that you have chosen from swim separates will match with a number of bikini tops and bottoms that you already own or which you have chosen as other matching sets. This way you have a stunning variety of mix match combinations to wear every day.

For plus size women, nothing seems better than getting swim separates. All the headache of having to try a million bikini sets and still unable to find the right fit can be laid to rest now. Of course there are disadvantages too, but nothing that you cannot deal with. First in line is the amount of time you have to spend mixing and matching swim separates.

This is not a big deal if you love mixing and matching and have all the time in the world to go through all the separates on display. Secondly, you could be spending a long time looking for a match for your bikini top and could end up having found none! That’s definitely a sad situation. But you could probably have better luck in the next shop. Thirdly, while looking for new matching bikini tops and bottoms, you could end up having found none or having found a beautiful bikini top for which you didn’t get a matching bottom or vice versa. In that case buy the one which you liked best. You can always try for a match elsewhere.

It is always good to keep in mind that while looking for swim separates, you will never ever find a perfect match for the fabric and style, unless probably while you visit a designer sale season or other sales where they sell matching tops and bottoms as separates. To get the best swim separates always leave one section plain. That way you can find matches easily. For a stylish black bikini top, you can find a printed bikini bottom or a plain black bikini bottom without much difficulty as most printed styles will go well with black. Same is the case with white or any plain colour. That way you do not have to spend much time in the shop.

However, always make it a point to check the size of swim separates while you buy. The best way to make sure that they fit well is to try them on. More than the style, it’s the fit and comfort that you will be ultimately happy with. Even the best styles will be left under your wardrobe it they are not comfortable and well fitting. After all they are swim wears, they have to fit well!

Finally, choose swim separates according to your body shape. For big busted women, light padding is a good idea. Go for halter styles and bikini tops with straps for tying at the back. Wide hips and flabby thighs can be covered in skirted styles that cover your thighs and hips. Heavy women can stick to blacks as they have a slimming effect altogether.

You can also experiment with prints to cover your flaws. The basics are vertical stripes of prints for creating a look of length and horizontal stripes and prints for painfully thin and tall women. The medium sizes can play around with varying degrees of thickness. Fat women must stick to smaller prints and vice versa for thin women. You also have the options of adding layers, ruffles and embellishments depending on your body type. These are however better suited for thin women.

To get the best swim separates cheap, you can plan your shopping during the sale seasons. These seasons will offer you the best quality and style at throwaway prices. You can do a lot of mixing and matching and come out with lorry loads of swim separates that last for the whole year.

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