Tips To Get Rid Of Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy

Tips To Get Rid Of Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy

Tips To Get Rid Of Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy Sciatic pain or sciatica, is a serious issue that bothers many women during their pregnancy. This condition is caused due to the excessive pressure exerted on the sciatic nerve that runs along the back regions and the region of the lower legs.

Pregnant women usually experience sciatic pain during the third trimester of their pregnancy, when the enlarged uterus exerts excess pressure on the sciatic nerve.The pain can be either short lived or else it can even last for long periods of time. Along with the pain, one can also experience a tingling sensation and numbness in the region of the legs.

In order to prevent the sciatic pain from increasing your pregnancy discomforts, it is necessary that you follow some adequate and timely measures. Described below are some effective methods that will enable you to get rid of sciatic pain during pregnancy.

Methods To Get Rid Of Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy

Undergo Prenatal Massage Therapy

For getting relief from the painful condition of sciatica during pregnancy, you can opt for a prenatal massage. It is seen that the excess pressure exerted on the sciatic nerve will in turn lead to the tightening of the muscles that surround the area. By undergoing a massage therapy, you will be able to loosen the tight muscles and will be thus able to reduce the pain and inflammation that is associated with sciatica.

Perform Stretching Exercises

Practicing stretching exercises are found to be an effective method of relieving sciatic pain during pregnancy. Stretching helps in loosening the body muscles, thus making them less susceptible to pain. Hamstring stretches and hip stretches are two such workouts that can be safely practiced by a pregnant woman.

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You can also perform prenatal yoga and pilates for this purpose. However,see to it that you workout only under the guidance of a trained instructor, so as to avoid the occurrence of complications during your pregnancy.

Use Hot and Cold Compresses

Alternate application of hot and cold compresses is another effective method of tackling the condition of sciatic nerve pain. You can first treat your back with a bag of frozen peas or a pack of crushed ice and then alternate it with the application of a heat pad. While the action of ice will reduce the swelling, the action of heat will help in improving blood circulation in the affected area, thereby providing pain relief.

Change Your Sleeping Position

It is seen that the position in which you sleep contributes greatly to the development of sciatic pain during pregnancy. To tackle the painful situation, it is advised that you sleep by lying on the opposite side of the pain. For instance, if you experience pain on your left leg, then you should lie on your right side. Propping up your legs with the help of pillows will also help to take off the excess pressure from the nerves.

Wear Maternity Belts

To deal with the problem of sciatica, you can try wearing maternity belts.  Along with supporting your lower back, these belts will also prevent the baby in the womb from putting extra strain on the sciatic nerve. The problem of sciatica will usually disappear after the birth of the baby. However, if the pain continues to persist for a prolonged period, you should immediately consult a doctor for expert help.