Tips to Get Rid of Double Chin

Poor posture, weight and heredity are the leading causes of double chin.

It reduces your attractiveness by several notches and is also an indicator of the onset of diseases due to ill health. Identifying the reason for a double chin is an important part of the solution.

In case it is the wrong posture that causes double chin, then the first thing that you must do is to attain the right way of sitting. Attaining the right posture is also a preventive measure. Therefore even if you do not have a double chin, you must sit the right way.

If you are a professional who has to sit all day and say work on a computer, then you just need to sit with your back straight and bring the monitor to a comfortable level in front of the eyes and hold your head high above the shoulders and keep your jaw jutting out. This will prevent the double chin from developing.

Watch what you eat because most of the times, the double chin is because of excessive consumption of fatty food that gets deposited below your jaw. A healthy diet will help you have a leaner face. It is also recommended that you exercise regularly.

No matter what part of the body you exercise, the facial muscles always get affected. Be it weight training or cardiovascular regime, one of the first places that the fat will go from will be the jaw line. Any exercise causes stress in the facial muscles. Therefore the fitter you are, the leaner your jaws are.

Another way to get rid of the double chin is by chewing sugar free gum. Chewing gum is an excellent facial exercise and it also ensures that your teeth are healthy and clean. The regular jaw movement ensures that any fat is cleared and there will be no loose skin in the area that might make you look awkward.

There are many simple exercises that will help as well. Press your hands on your forehead and push it forward. The other form suggests that you push your chin forward while keeping shoulders and head still. Hold for 10 seconds and do 3 sets.

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