Tips to Get Rid of Acne

Acne problem generally occurs in teenage and such type of acne is called vulgaris. Acne problem appears mostly on face, back, neck and shoulders and occurs because of improper cleansing of body, hormonal imbalance, presence of extra oil in the body and so on.The popping up of blackhead and whitehead gives a very dull look to the face and the pimples may give infection if the problem is major. So to get rid of the problem caused by acne, you must start working on it in its initial stage only so as to stay safe.

There are many causes of acne. For different skin type, the cause varies. Acne in general is caused due to dead skin and excess oil inside the body. Other than that hormonal problem, closed oil glands by the action of skin cells that creates black and white heads, bacteria also can cause infection in oil glands are also major reasons for acne.

If there is a problem then there is always a solution for it. Acne can be treated. If you have just begun to have them then you can go for natural ways. You may apply orange peel and rub it on the face, lemon juice works wonders if applied directly, application of curd and gram flour paste also is a great remedy to get rid of acne.

Taking care of diet is also very important. You must avoid healthy food so as to get rid of acne. Use a good oil free shampoo so as to keep your hair clean which would indirectly help you to stop acne from occurring. Do not touch the pimples or scratch it as it makes the problem worse.

In case you have major acne then you definitely visit a good dermatologist and not just rely on home remedies. That would help you to know what are the causes of the acne that you are getting plus you would get the right treatment for it. With a good acne control face wash, wash your face at least thrice a day. Wear minimal makeup so as to let the skin breathe and drink loads of water. These entire things would keep pimples at bay.