Tips to Cut your Own Hair

Have not had an opportunity to go to the hair dresser? Is your hair looking untrimmed and you have to go to an important function with no time to visit the salon? Here are tips to cut your own hair easily and without any hassles:

First of all the equipments that you need are almost the same as a hair dresser. You must have a comb, a pair of good scissors, hair clips, electric clippers (if required) and a bottle of water spray. Mirror can be hand held, but usually a larger mirror in the front will be preferred. A hand held mirror will be needed later on for you can to see the rear of your head.

It is always a good idea to wash the hair and comb it till it is straight. Wet hair is easy to cut and so you can also use conditioner in the hair. While cutting, you can use the water spray consistently to moisten it. Before you start, always decide which cut you want and then go for it. The way to go about is not trying to be accurate in the first go, but go moderate so that any mistake made can be salvaged. For example, if you want to trim your hair by three inches, then you start by trimming one inch.

In case you make a mistake and cut more, then you always have room for correction. Ensure that the hand mirror is held by someone at the back so that you can always get a front view in one of the mirrors and the back view in the other. In case you have short hair, then ensure that you pull different strands of hair and measure their length roughly using the ruler.

Having decided on how much you want to cut always cut a little lesser to leave margin for errors. Going slow and easy is the best way for self hair cutting. When you start, you can section your hair in clumps and use the pins to hold the hair back. Then when you get to the area that you want to trim, hold hair between fore finger and middle finger, measure the length and go happy snipping!