Tips To Cure Body Odor At Home

Cures Body Odor

Cures Body Odor Cause

The repulsive smell that emanates from a person’s body is called body odor. This is because the microorganisms find the body to be a favorable place to grow on. There is a belief that it is because of excessive sweat that a person’s body smells foul.

Some people say body odor is not because of sweating but because of microorganisms that start living on the body. It is the bacteria which release unpleasant smelling chemicals that cause body odor. These kinds of bacteria multiply very fast and increase in numbers if you sweat more. There are lots of home remedies to control body odor.

White Vinegar

To prevent body odor, mix little bit of essential oil in small quantity of water and apply it to your under arms. Add White Vinegar to a small quantity of water and when you take bath, use this to rinse your under arms .This will help in reducing body odor. To get rid of body odor, it is advised to consume lots of water regularly, especially in the early morning. You can even add 500 mg of wheat grass. It will help you in reducing body odor.

Baking Soda

Application of Baking Soda to the places that sweat a lot is recommended as it acts as a natural deodorant. One sweats a lot in the summer when it is hot and humid. Take a shower two or three times daily in the summer to avoid sweating.

Tea Tree Oil

Mix two drops of Tea Tree Oil in a bottle of water and this can be used as a spray. Tea tree Oil has antibacterial properties and helps in preventing body odor. Body odor is mainly caused by bacteria so if they are eliminated then body odor will also be eliminated.

Baby Powder

You can even apply baby powder to your underarms in the places where you apply deodorants. Sweat commonly accumulates in the armpits and bacteria thrive in places that are damp. If you apply baby powder, the sweat is absorbed and the armpits are kept dry thus preventing body odor. You can prepare your own deodorant in your home. Take juice from Radishes and mix it with Glycerin in the proportions 4:1. Mix these two ingredients well, preserve it in bottle and use as a spray. Don’t forget to store this in fridge.

Essential Oils

While bathing, put some essential oils in the water and rinse your arms. It will reduce the PH of the skin. One of the easiest and simplest homemade remedies to get rid of body odor is take few drops of Rose Water and add it to your bathtub. It will give you long lasting freshness and it acts as a substitute for deodorant. Dip some cotton in White Vinegar and apply it in the underarms with cotton. It will help you to remain odor free for the whole day. White vinegar kills bacteria effectively and keeps it dry and free from odor. After applying white vinegar to your armpits, let it air dry to get rid of the strong smell of the vinegar.