Tips To Create An Elegant Guest Bedroom

Tips To Create An Elegant Guest Bedroom

Tips To Create An Elegant Guest Bedroom If you are staying in a tourist city or in a welcoming place on the hills or a waterfront, with a magnificient scenic view, probably several guests will visit you throughout the year. So by giving attention to comfort and details, create a guest bedroom that will make your visitors feel at home.

Tips To Create An Elegant Guest Bedroom

The Room

First decide on the room that you want to convert into a guest room. If you have a study, you can think of putting a sofa bed or an extendable bed against one of its walls so that it can double up as a guest room on occasions.

If you have an awkward looking room, you can also convert that with your creativity into an appealing bedroom. If your children are grown up and have settled elsewhere, then probably you can create a well-appointed space for the visitors in those rooms.

Fine Points

Add charm to the guest room with colourful walls, beddings, window treatments and accessories. In small or awkwardly-shaped rooms, use plenty of colour or pattens to shift attention but mix them carefully. Or if you think that guests already bring in clutter, create a serene space with subdued colours and paucity of prints. Instead create effect with frills, laces and valences.

Simple lamps with hand painted or printed shades will give character to the room. Avoid fragile materials like ceramic, glass etc in the guest room as the visitors do not feel conscious all the time. Also if they visit with small children, the kids may accidentally knock them down. Top the nightstand with glass so that it is easy to maintain and will not leave water marks.


Bright colours make the rooms cheerful and will instantly uplift the mood of the visitos. Choose from turquoise, orange, sunny yellow, purple, fuchsia etc. Also, in a small room these colours will absorb light and make the room look bigger. Do experiment with some interesting colour schemes like red and fuchsia, purple and lavender, sage green and pink, turquoise and chocolate brown and so on.

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If you prefer wallpapers, the market is flooded with soft to bright colours, prints and patterns. You can even mix two colours, big and small patterns or same prints in different colours on different walls. Develop the colour scheme with furnishings and accessories.


A comfortable bed with soft cotton sheets, coverlets and down duvet will make a perfect bed and take your guests to dreamland in no time. A comforter will also come in handy in case of sudden temperature change.

A bedside table with an alarm clock, a note pad, a pen, a water jug and a glass. A tourist guide book with descriptions of nearby places of interest. A jar filled with cookies and a fruit basket. A medicine box with the basic medicines for common ailments and for minor cuts and bruises.

A stash box, a magnifying glass, a tweezer, nail cutter and a small scissor. A conveniently placed power strip or docking station so the the guests can charge their mobiles and other gadgets easily. Fresh towels and toiletries in the bathroom. One or a pair of comfortable lounger or chairs which the visitors can use while reading, watching television or dressing up.


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