Tips To Cope With Depression During Pregnancy

Tips To Cope With Depression During Pregnancy

Tips To Cope With Depression During Pregnancy Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for most women but the duration is a long one during which various restrictions might be imposed on the expectant mother for the safety of her pregnancy. A pregnancy is a normal but complex process for which lot of care needs to be taken.

Along with a number of physical changes there are also another set of changes that take place in an expectant mother’s life. Hormonal changes within the body, change of appearance, lifestyle changes and upcoming responsibilities, level of support from partner, financial adjustments and tensions are some of the possible reasons that may create anxiety, stress, mood swings and depression during pregnancy.

Possible Reasons and Symptoms of Depression During Pregnancy

A pregnancy is definitely a wonderful experience but this is also a very delicate phase when the expectant mother may be in need of much care, attention and pampering. She may be going through pregnancy discomforts, hunger pangs and cravings, morning sickness and many such things for which her life may not be like before any more. She will need lot of support and help and if she is missing that she may feel helpless, distressed and eventually depressed.

If you had gone through fertility problems or previous miscarriages then there are high chances that you may remain worked up and therefore depressed. If you are not having a smooth relation with your partner, if the pregnancy is an unplanned one or there are certain complications in your pregnancy then also it’s natural for you to feel depressed. Unwed expecting mothers and pregnant women whose partners aren’t around or have abandoned them are also at the risk of feeling depressed. Family history and other disturbing or traumatic life events may also account for depression during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Depression During Pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy has the usual symptoms of common depression. You may feel helpless, hopeless, sad, tearful, have lack of sleep and appetite, or feel extremely tired and fatigued, emptiness, anxiety, guilt and also a wish to harm yourself. Though many pregnant women go through depression during pregnancy yet the situation shouldn’t be left unattended as anything disturbing during a pregnancy will affect the expectant mother and her fetus directly. But medication for depression may not be also safe during a pregnancy. Therefore, coping with depression during pregnancy in natural ways is most essential.

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Ways to Cope With Depression During Pregnancy

A pregnancy is a very happy time and therefore there shouldn’t be any reasons to feel blue. Try to sort out any problems with your partner if you are going through one, give up being egoistic and if at all the relationship can’t be saved then try to seek support and happiness from other loving family members and friends.

Plan and arrange for finance and get mentally prepared for the upcoming responsibilities. Talk to mothers who can share their own experiences and you will know that motherhood may seem difficult initially but gradually you will also learn the trade.

It’s essential for you to take good nutrition through proper pregnancy diet, avoid stress, take enough rest and sleep and also avoid bad habits like smoking and alcohol. Pregnancy massage and exercises under expert supervision can help you to combat mood problems like depression. Don’t feel hesitant to share your work load both at home and at work. Remain active but through safe means, listen to good music and read good books. Also don’t hesitate to pamper yourself; go for shopping, eat foods that you crave for and go for safe beauty therapies. Talk and share your problems with your loved ones which can relieve your mind to great extent.

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