Tips To Choose Best Hair Products


Untitled Want to look beautiful till the last day? Then start taking care of your hair from today with right hair products. We all know that hair is an important factor if we want to look beautiful and stylish, so taking right care for hair is important.

But maximum of us don’t know how to take best care of it with the best product, we rush to the store whenever a new hair product has been launched and some time we go with the brand that our friend has approved for us.Instead of having lots of brands sometimes we are not satisfied with any of  them, may be they are the best brands in the town but not the best one for you.So, let’s do some introspection before using right hair products.

Shampoo as a Hair Care Products

Shampoo work as cleaning agent and clears all the dirt and oil from our hair. It’s always advisable to use right kind of shampoo for your hair. For examples, if your hair is dry then use some moisture shampoo which contains almonds, honey, if you have dandruff then use anti dandruff shampoo. And always be careful about the ingredients of the shampoo, choose the right ingredient for your hair type. Shampoo should be used in less quantity, more shampoo is not good for our hair, use shampoo according to our hair size.

Conditioner for conditioning

It’s not surprising if your hairs still have the roughness and dullness after shampooing, use a good hair conditioner. A conditioner helps our hair to get and to retain the moisture, and it also protects our hair from harsh brushing.

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One should not apply more than two tea spoons of conditioner unless we long tresses. Conditioners should not be applied on the roots of the hair otherwise it may clog the hair roots and end up with itchy and oily scalp.

Hair Spray for Styling

We use hair spray for styling, it contains polymers and alcohol. Certain alcohols in some hair products are good for hair, but we should not use hair products or spray which contains alcohol like ethanol, it can harm or damage our hair. An excessive consumption of hair spray can steal the shine of our hair, that’s why we should not use it more than twice a week. Moreover it can clog the hair root and can create dandruff and one should not spray in front of an open flame and should be sprayed 10 inches away from hair.

Hair Gel

Hair gel helps to hold the hair in place, and people use it often to make different hair style, but using too much hair gel can make our hair look matted and dull. So don’t apply hair gel frequently.

Good Hair Brush for a Smooth Ride

Healthiness of a hair is largely depending on the quality of hair brush we use. The best quality brushes have rubber bases and bristles head which helps in smooth brushing of our hair without damaging the hair follicle. Use a good quality hair brush every time.