Tips To Be Pretty And Popular

Tips To Be Pretty And Popular

Tips To Be Pretty And Popular Every girl desires to be the centre of attraction and relishes being in the limelight. Though this phenomenon is quite common in all age groups, the desire to be noticed and appreciated is found most amongst teenage girls.

Teenage girls love to be known for their charming personality and enjoy being appreciated for their good looks. They aspire to be the ‘most popular’ by making an impression on everyone usually with the help of their looks and actions. Even adults aspire to make an impression over others but by portraying the best aspects of their personality and camouflaging their negative traits.

There is nothing wrong in trying to impress everyone with your charming looks especially when you are a teenager because this is an age in which frivolity is easily accepted and not frowned upon. But once you are an adult, your actions and reactions are guided by the ability to adhere to the expectations of the socio-cultural values and therefore, using your prettiness to gain the limelight might not be appreciated.

Importance of Feeling Good

Looking pretty and being popular acts as a morale booster for a person. It enhances one’s self-confidence and self-worth. Feeling good about your personality and your appearance is the first step towards building a positive self-esteem.

If a teenage girl is able to gain the confidence of being pretty and popular in her school years, it will fuel her self-confidence. Being popular will provide her the ability to make friends and socialize with people easily. She will be at ease while putting forth her opinion and dealing with criticism. Nonetheless one must not become snobbish just because one is blessed with good looks.

How to be Pretty and Popular?

The foremost step towards gaining the admiration of the people in your surroundings is to appreciate your self and cultivate self-love. Be proud and confident of your personality and accept the way you are. Once you are able to nurture self-love and admiration, you will notice other people appreciating your positive personality.

Make some changes in yourself like shedding some extra pounds if you are too bulky, changing your hairstyle, revamping your entire wardrobe, improving your communication skills, etc. Beauty is not restricted to the face but encompasses every single aspect of your personality be it the outer looks or some talent that you possess.

Instead of wearing clothes that are simply ‘in’ and fashionable, wear outfits that suit your body figure. Work on your personality and cultivate good qualities. Show care, politeness, courtesy and kindness towards others. Nonetheless ensure that no one takes advantage of your polite behaviour. A person with an amiable countenance has more number of friends than the one with a snobbish appearance. Identify your talents and skills and polish them further.

Every single person is beautiful in their own way. If you have a shortcoming, don’t be afraid of it. Improve it as much as you can and at the same time, show respect and understanding towards others with some flaws. By following these tips, soon you will become popular and will be admired for your pleasant persona.