Tips To Apply Makeup For Looking Great In Photographs

How To Apply Makeup For Looking Great In Photographs

How To Apply Makeup For Looking Great In Photographs Whether it is a group photograph or solo one, everyone wants to look dashing in it. Whenever there are marriage parties, women apply different types of makeup products for enhancing their beauty and for looking stunning in photographs.

It is not necessary that a beautiful woman would definitely look beautiful in photographs also. Sometimes, photographs are so bad that they are either torn away or thrown into dustbin. All women are not blessed with natural beauty.

Thus, they have to work hard on their makeup for looking beautiful in photos or otherwise. For having good photograph, it is necessary that pimples, blemishes, large pores and discolorations are concealed perfectly through makeup. There are few makeup products that can be used for having great photographs.

How to Apply Makeup for Looking Great in Photographs

First of all, if a woman has some skin imperfections, as mentioned above, these have to be concealed perfectly. Makeup primer or foundation can help a lot in hiding skin imperfections. Yellow-toned foundation is considered as the best, as it applies to all types of ethnic backgrounds.

If a woman is African-American, it is better if light, medium and dark shades of foundation are used for applying to different parts of face. If there are yellow hints under the eyes, eyelid primers can be used. Before applying any type of makeup, it must be ensured that skin is smoothed, toned and moisturized. Many beauty experts feel that a scrub or facial treatment should be obtained from a professional.

This reduces uneven makeup applications and enhances natural beauty. Photos are generally two-dimensional. Thus, dark and fine lines as well as wrinkles are highlighted easily in photographs. For avoiding these, good quality concealer should be used. Lighter shade concealer is considered as the best, as dark areas on face get proper treatment. Concealer should be applied around the eyes and crevices.

Expression lines should also be treated with concealer. After applying concealer, a thin layer of foundation makeup should be applied over the face by making upwards strokes. Foundation should be blended at the edges so that no demarcation is visible. Foundation colors used should match closely with natural color of skin. However, for corrective work, some other shades may be used.

Beautiful eyes enhance beauty greatly in photographs. While applying eye makeup, harsh lines should be avoided, as it make eyes look deeper set and smaller in size. Smoky eyeliner pencil is considered as the best for having great photographs. If needed, it can be smudged with finger.

If liquid eyeliner is to be used, rather than creating a solid line, it must be dotted next to the eyelash base. By limiting liquid eyeliner to upper eyelid only or to outer corners of eyes, great looks can be obtained. Similarly, smoky eye shadow should be applied to top eyelids. For enhancing the looks, eyebrow area should be highlighted with brow pencil.

For getting great looking lips, lipstick one or two shades darker than natural lip color should be applied. Lip pencil should be used for defining lips well.
For black and white photographs, it is necessary that lips and eyes are defined well with lip and eye liners.