Tips on Using a Hair Straightening Iron

Hair straightening is a styling method in which hair is straightened and flattened so that the hair looks sleek and straight. Hair straightening is a beauty treatment which is getting very popular these days, among women both young and old.

Straight hair enhances your personality and makes you look stylish and chick. Most women opt for hair straightening if they have frizzy or curly hair – some opt for it just to change their looks.

Straightening with irons

Hair straightening can be achieved by lots of means like hair iron, blow brushes and sometimes with chemicals. But the most popular one is the use of hair straightening irons.

Along with straightening, this can also change the hair texture as the hair iron spreads the heat evenly on the hair. One must take care while using a hair straightening iron as its over-use can damage the quality of your hair.

Clean your hair

Before using a hair straightening iron, shampoo your hair and condition it well. Towel dry or blow-dry your hair completely. However, it as better if you can allow your hair to dry naturally, rather than blow drying.

Use a protective gel

There are lots of products like hair gel or serums available in market which can be applied to the hair before the use of hair iron to avoid damage to hair by the heat. Using your hands massage the gel evenly into the hair right up to the tips, as the tips of the hair are more susceptible to damage by heat.

Comb a section of hair which you want to straighten. Use hair clips to separate sections of hair so that you can apply the heat on a particular section at a time. Start near the roots and bring the straightener down the hair smoothly.

Allow the straightening iron to follow the comb down the hair. This causes less amount of heat application on your hair and can prevent damage to it. Don at stop the straightener in the middle. Repeat the same process with other sections of the hair, as well.

If you are a beginner, do it slow and steady or take assistance from someone who knows the process. If you rush, you can burn your hair. And remember never to use the hair iron on a wet hair as this can ruin your hair.

Sidharth Thakur

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