Tips On Styling Unruly And Frizzy Hair

frizzy-hair There are millions of women who are looking for ways to control and manage their frizzy hair. In one of our earlier articles we have elaborated on how you can get rid of the frizz, and here we will tell you something about how to style up your frizzy hair.

Although, styling up frizzy hair is difficult and time consuming, it definitely is not impossible. The first issue that you need to work out on is whether you want your hair to look straight or you want to let the curls stay as they are.

Anyways, whichever way you wish to go your first step has to be to apply a generous helping of some moisturizing gel to your damp hair. The gel will help in keeping the style intact and in cutting down the frizz.

Curly styles

To your moist hair, apply the rollers and let them be there till your hair is completely dry. As far as possible you must avoid using heated rollers because heat will increase the frizz. For professional women who do not have much time in the morning, they can fix in sponge rollers into their hair at night, to enjoy neatly curled hair the next morning.

Straight hair styles

To straighten your hair, you need to blow dryer them using a round brush. As your hair began to dry, you must reduce the heat to prevent over-drying. Short hair lengths are difficult to straighten, while longer lengths help in flattening the curls because of the weight. Keeping your hair length long is an easier way to flatten out the curls, somewhat.

Avoiding the ruckus

Frizzy hair is difficult to manage, and as we mentioned one way to make your hair more manageable is to grow your hair long. And here is something that you can do on a daily basis to avoid frizz.

The first rule is to always condition your hair after shampooing them and after the wash, while your hair is still wet, apply a few drops of oil to your hair. And every night before you hit the sack, brush your hair properly, apply some gel and then plait them up. Next morning, when you’re getting ready just open the plait and if needed apply some more gel to the ends of the hair. To comb them use a wide toothed comb, and your hair will stay in place for the next many hours.

Sidharth Thakur

  • I love these tips. Can I ad…for products…try Mixed Chicks haircare. Their stuff is so perfect for controlling frizz and giving you nice definition. Halle Berry is a big fan of MIxed Chicks.

  • Totonibm

    I have fine, wavy, long hair that is prone to frizz (on humid days) and static (on dry days).

    I use the Shielo “Bounce Style Creme” which is all-purpose that you can use to tame frizzies and static, straighten hair or boost curls, and add shine, depending on how you use it.

    After towel-drying my hair, I usually rub a nickel-sized amount into the ends (not the roots where it can get greasy) and then blow-dry as usual. It really protects my hair from heat styling damage and looks so healthy and shiny. My hair smells great, too! Don’t expect a lot of hold, but your hair will be touchably super soft. Also, make sure to evenly-distribute the cream in your hair. Be careful not to use too much or your hair can look a little oily/greasy like you haven’t washed it.