Tips On Nail Care

Beautiful and well groomed nails add very much to the beauty and appearance of your hands. Many women have unhealthy nails which chips off and breaks away easily.

All your nail troubles can be taken care of by proper nail care and grooming.It is very much important to keep your nails in good shape.

Here are some tips which will guide you through the process of nail care.

The first and foremost step is to give up the habit of biting your nails.By biting your nails, you not only damage it but also cause the formation of hangnails.

Lack of proper nutrients reflects directly on your nails.Brittle nails are usually the result of Vitamin D deficiency. Eat a well balanced diet rich in proteins and vitamins. Also stay away from all sorts of junk food.Keep yourself hydrated always as lack of water in the body is also seen to affect the health of nails.

Regular use of soaps tends to make your nails dry and brittle. So after washing your hands with soap, always dry your nails properly and apply moisturizer on them. You can also moisturize your nails every night before bed time. Daily repetition of this process will help in strengthening your nails.

Cuticle care also forms an important part of nail care. You should massage your cuticles with a cuticle oil so as to soften them. Instead of cuticle oil you can also use a mixture of castor oil and iodine as a cuticle softener. After this push back your cuticles with an orange stick.

Regular application of nail polish is seen to cause the yellowing of nails. Leave your nails without nail polish from time to time, thus allowing them to breathe.

You should always keep your nails trimmed and in perfect shape. If you do chores like house work and gardening, then protect your nails from chemicals and dirt by wearing a pair of gloves.

You can also try out some natural remedies to take care of your nails. To strengthen your soft nails, you can soak them in a solution of warm olive oil for about 20 minutes. Application of lemon juice and Vitamin E oil on your nails will also help in keeping your nails strong and healthy.

Thus by following the above said tips, you too can be the proud owner of healthy and beautiful nails.

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