Tips on Love Making

Love making has engrossed man from times immemorial.

Traditional legends and history reveal that love making was always considered a form of art as art is something that brings immense pleasure and satisfaction. Both for the creator and the receiver and so does love making.

It brings blissful joy and fulfillment to the persons involved in the act. Therefore, if one knows the love making well enough there will be enough space for multiple orgasmic and extreme pleasurable experiences.

Before going into the aspects of love making to understand it one should be clear about the differences between a man and a woman. While a man and woman differ a lot in the way the erogenous zones are distributed over their body so do they differ emotionally too.

Women are sensitive all over their body but men may not be, women are more emotional and treat love making as an emotional vent but men may not be so. Therefore, one should be aware about these differences which will help them to understand the art of making love.

There may also be some barriers which may prevent one to enjoy love making. These include ignorance about the man woman differences and the unwillingness to accept it, psychological barriers like ego, prejudice or fear, impotency, lack of emotional attachment etc.

One can get rid of such problems through communication with the partner and if required through professional help which improves the situation in a great way.

Cleanliness and hygiene is very important and lack of this may turn off the partner. The couple can take a refreshing bath together before and after making love which boosts up the love making process. Touch and play with each other, set the mood for making love.

Apply body lotions, body sprays that excite and also make the ambience in the room set for making love. Use a soothing room freshener, dim lights and a gentle music in the back ground.

Giving a body massage to each other and playing with the sensitive areas can be very enjoyable. Splatter honey, molten chocolate or wine on the partner’s body and gently guide the tongue to feel the sweetness on the tongue.

Remember, foreplay is very important to pave the way to love making which will become spontaneous. Learning about the partner’s choices of love making positions and preferences adds to the enjoyment.

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