Tips on How to Wear a Skirt

Every woman has a few pairs of skirts in her closet. Some women can wear these articles of clothing and look gorgeous in them while others struggle to make a good appearance in any kind of skirt. Here are a few basic tips that will help you to make the right choices when you want to wear a skirt.

When you choose to wear a skirt the first thing you need to consider is the length. A skirt for a formal or a casual look needs to be either near the knee or just under the knee. If your skirt is a few inches above the knee you risk looking childish while if it is long then you risk looking like a professor or a lady from the fifties.

Pay keen attention to the top or blouse you wear with the skirt. A fitted blouse will help to show off your curves and will give you a very feminine look. Your top needs to make a bold statement and it must show case your bottom half as well.

The fabric of the skirt needs to compliment the season as well as the occasion that you are wearing it for. A cotton skirt or one in linen will look fabulous in summer however autumn calls for lighter fabrics that add a bounce in your step. For a date night, a floral skirt will look perfect.

If you are spending a day in the park, are out shopping or are out with your kids in the evening then wearing the skirt with a tank top, a pair of ballet flats or flip flops and carrying a shoulder bag will look perfect. This look is not only casual it is also very comfortable. Avoid wearing tight skirts on these occasions; here a flair or a six piece skirt will fit perfectly.

If you are wearing a skirt to the office for a meeting then wear it with a shirt that is buttoned to the top and wear a full neck sweater with it. If you have a sweater that opens in the front then wear it around your shoulders. If you are wearing a skirt for a casual day at the office then accessorize it with a pair of kitten heels, a bulky bag and a scarf.