Tips on How to Make your Eyes Look Bigger

If you have small eyes, then there are many ways that you can use to make them seem bigger.

Here are some tips on how to: If you have black circles around the eyes, then even though your eyes might be big, they would seem small. The effect is more on smaller eyes.

One way of making your eyes look bigger is by making the eyelashes look longer in size. This can be achieved in a number of ways.

The first method is by applying false eyelashes. Extra eyelashes will help give the required effect. The other way to do it is by curling your upper eyelashes upwards. The method is fairly simple. Apply mascara and do not wait for it to get dried. Rub your fingers together to make them warm.

Once you feel the warmth, point them upwards. Press the fingers together and hold the upper eyelashes and curl them downwards. Hold them for 3 to 4 minutes and repeat the process till at least three or four of the eyelashes are curled.

Another way is to groom your eyebrows. If you trim your eyebrows, that will make your eyes more noticeable. But do not make the eyebrows too thin as that will spoil the looks. Just remove the extra hair and your eyes will look more noticeable.

There are other ways to apply makeup which will make your eyes seem bigger. These makeup effects rely in the creation of shadows and light to make the eyes seem bigger. Use a concealer that is light in shade to highlight the shadowy area on the inner part of the eyes (close to the nose).

Blend the concealer with the eye shadow. Ensure that you choose an eye shadow that matches the color tone of your skin. Then apply the same eye shadow on the outside of the eyes. This effect will make your eyes look bigger.

Another makeup tip to make your eyes look larger can be achieved by you using an eyeliner pencil or a liquid eye liner and applying them to line either one third or one half of the eyes on the outer side. This will do the trick.

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