Tips on How to Grow and Maintain Long Hair

If you want to grow long hair then there is not a lot of effort that is required.

What is required is to be disciplined and follow the tips given in the article on a regular basis to see that you have hair as long as you wish to have:

One of the first methods calls for getting regular trims. They will help you get rid of damaged hair and split ends. Ensure that only the bad hair is removed and that the size of the hair that is cut is no more than half an inch.

This will take care of all the visibly damaged hair and will also not reduce the hair length so drastically that your hair ends up being shorter than desired. All the damaged hair will get replaced by new, healthy hair that will help sustain growth.

Do not brush your hair a lot. The use of combs not only tends to damage and break the hair but also causes static electricity in the hair due to constant friction of the comb in the hair. Try and finger comb the hair as much as possible.

Use preventive hair styling. Long hair is worth flaunting and it looks good when it is kept open, but not only does it have to bear its own weight as you walk with your hair bouncing behind you, but also you are subjecting it to a lot of natural elements including sun and wind. The hair this way tends to get more damaged and much dirtied.

Also, more often than not, long hair does get caught in something or the other and results in breakage and damage. This is exactly where protective styling of hair comes to work so that the hair ends can be kept away from harmful influences by having it tied or covered, allowing only the minimum damage at most.

Either way, the hair stays out of bonds from all places that it could get caught between or rubbed against. The protective styling is also best suited for bed time when there are chances of the hair getting damaged because of the friction against pillow covers.