Tips Of Hair Straightening

Hair Straightening

Hair Straightening Straightening your hair can be a battle. From actually trying to get your hair to be straight to the side effects of straightening, sometimes the whole process just seems like a lot of hassle. Those are usually the days when women end up wearing a hat or a ponytail. This is the usual look for those of us who have not perfected their straightening technique.

Clean Hair is Important

Clean and moisturize your hair properly before styling. This will help your hair to protect itself against the heat and chemicals. It will also make your hair light and easy to style. The dirt and residue build up will make the heat fry your hair. Product build up will make it heavy and immobile.

Flat Irons

If you have chosen flat iron as your straightening tool, blow dry your hair gently until it is almost dry. Then let it air dry the rest of the way. Of course you can skip blow drying completely, if you want. If you choose to air dry, part your hair into four sections and hold them with ponytail holders or braid it. You want to save your hair some of the heat stress. Use ceramic irons only. They distribute the hair more evenly resulting in a silkier look and feel. They are also less damaging to your hair.

Getting Started

Once your hair is completely dry, separate your hair into fourths if it isn’t already. Starting in the back is the best. Part small sections of hair and run the iron down the length of your hair. Repeat the process until you have done your hair. Be careful with the front. You want to part and iron your hair roughly into its style. When using the flat iron, do not add any oil or moisturizers to your hair. You want to use a product that will control frizz and protect your hair from the heat. Be sure to use the minimum amount of hair product. After flat ironing, you want to use light oil sheen to add shine.

Chemical Strengtheners

If you decide to use chemicals to straighten your hair, you should go to a professional. They can be very dangerous and cause serious burns. If not handled correctly you can lose some hair at best.  A professional can also tell you exactly what product will work for the look you want. He/she will make sure your hair comes out looking its best. Chemicals straightening processes usually change the texture of the hair completely so once your hair is straight, it is hard to go back.

Perhaps you can consider some natural hair straightening remedies such as coconut milk, hot oil, milk and honey, or just plain milk treatments. Most of the home remedies require you to apply directly onto your hair for some time before washing off. You may have to mix a couple of other natural ingredients for a better fragrance or paste. Regular treatment for a couple of weeks will see results.